Finding Happiness in Small Things what Life Means what Hell Means what to value in Ife Life need

The secret to finding happiness in small things is to realize there are no small things.

The drop of water on an opening petal beneath the morning sun, might seem like a small thing, but every drop of water constitutes a good part of your being, and also creates every other organism, that lives. The sunlight that is falling upon it, is surging photons.  These also are part of who we are, and what allow us to see, and to live.

There are really two secrets.  One is to be alive to all these seemingly small things and note your connection to them.  Indeed, there is only flow, not separate things at all.

And the second secret is to know you know, or to be alive in that moment.

Most of us “live lives of quiet desperation,” said Henry David Thoreau.  Jean Paul Sartre, went one step further, and said that “Hell is other people.”

Both statements allude to the fact that when our thoughts are distracted by what just happened, or what may be about to occur, and every relationship involved, we are not alive in the moment.

Our lives of quiet desperation, center on all our concerns about bills we have to pay, projects we have to complete, relationships that feel strained and messy, everything imaginable that is NOT the dew drop, the flower, or the sunlight, or the morning.

Some people often grumble that Hell is other people, but they are not meaning it the way that Sartre meant it. He meant that anything, (and it usually involves other people,) that takes you out of this eternal now is taking your eternity from you.  Without this eternal now, you are in Hell.  Our thoughts about what others want from us, and we from them, are thoughts that are not about the miraculous.

We need others, and others need us, so we muddle through trying to know them, and ourselves, and all the time we do this, we do not see the flower, or know that IT is us, as well.  If we limit ourselves to just our nagging thoughts, and not our myriad senses, we limit ourselves to hell.

If we instead, focus our awareness on every blessing as it comes, we come alive to life. We come to not only appreciate the dew drop on the flower, but we come to know it is part of ourselves, and that all systems are interdependent. We come to wish to protect, defend, and have reverence for all creation.

Relationships, are key to both having awareness in the present moment, and to realizing that we all need others, not just people, but other living systems that make rocks, air, soil, water, all the molecules that are in the eternal dance, all the flow.

To cultivate appreciation of the small things in life, we need to spend much more time outdoors, and in relation to all the things that give us air, food, water, soil and more. We need to see people not as “demands” but as beings.

We need to slow down, and get our loved ones to slow down as well. Sharing the journey takes hell out of other people, and gives us a heaven to create each day. Once we see this, we know there are no small things in existence, only flowing things that are in relationships to one another.

Valuing these relationships creates value in life.