Being Optimistic

Seeing the world half empty or half full is too black and white. How about asking what day of the week it is first, then I can give you a better idea. Most days recently, the glass has been half full. When things are going well for me and my family, all lose ends are tying up nicely, I’m on cloud nine and live in a perfect world.

Usually, reality doesn’t take long to hit. The world is not perfect and neither is my life. Some days it’s easier to cope and deal with the imperfections. Other days it seems impossible and wake up with the ‘what’s the point of getting out of bed’ attitude.

Dealing with the imperfections and everyday life complications and still maintaining a positve outlook on the world is the challange. When it feels that the world is against you, it’s hard to see the sunny side of things.

When things get too out of control, I have to take a step back. I have to look at all that I do have, a loving family, a beautiful daughter, cats that I hate to love and a dog that is too dopey for his own good. Putting what is most valuable to me into perspective makes the imperfections look so minimal.

Some days can be stressful and downright overwhelming. All it takes is my daughter being herself, just being a kid, to make me take a step back and forget the stress. She can easily put a smile on face and warm my heart.

Slowing down before I hit that massive brick wall we all know in life, is at times impossible. But my husband is always there to take my hand and make the bruising on the forehead less painful. Always supporting me on whatever endeavor I chose, I know I can do anything I put my mind to. He holds my world up even when it seems to be crumbling into nothing.

Feeling of sadness or loneliness, there’s always a furry friend, competing to be the healer of sorrow. A 50 pound dog jumping into my lap never fails to get my mind off something, for at least a minute or two.

A half full perspective is harder to maintain than half empty. Dwelling on negative rather than positive is easy to fall into. Nothing worth having in this world is easy to keep. Family takes work. Relationships take work. Your dream job takes work.

I look at my daughter and I find inspiration. My husband gives me support and motivation. The animals give me unconditional love and affection. I’m grateful for all that I have. Reflecting always turns a view on the world from half empty to half full.