Behavior Learned Changed Bilogical Genetics Personality Confusion Curiosity Ignorance

Look at a newborn child who doesn’t know anything but to cry and sleep. If he never stayed in the womb for nine months, do you think his eyes will not glare on the light? The only option for him not to see the light in his early stages is to remain his eyes close. The first time he cried, someone put a feeding bottle in his lips then he suck and get some milk to later become full. So the next time he felt hunger, he cries. This is an example of a simple behavior that comes naturally by common sense that even a newborn child appreciates.

A man’s behavior learned from many factors. The environment, which pertains to people around a person contributed around 80% of the human behavior. As time goes by and the newborn adds up from days to months, parents talk to him and he started to recognized voices and opens his eyes. Later he learned simple words which he mimics from what he heard and started to choose people who he wanted to go with once his eyes fully developed. The behavior is limited because what he is capable to do is also limited. When he started to realize people can walk, he started to move his body. When someone holds him stand up, he kicks his legs. The truth is behavior is learned out of confusion or curiosity.

Does behavior changed? Yes it is. Behavior out of confusion leads to learning but at the same time, behavior out of confusion leads to changes. A child gets exposed to different types of person. We all know that people has had different personality that makes them completely unique. Although the child observed and sees these differences, he made options of which one to follow. This is the reason why parents have a great influence with their child. The child would most probably idolize their parents not because this is what they have first seen. The determinant factor asserts from trust which they initially seen from direct contacts like parents. Yet through observation and motivation, a child recognized which behavioral pattern he wants.

There were some studies that explained how behavior relatively made out of genetics. Further studies discussed on the website of Human Genome Project Information which further emphasized how the diagnosis such as biological traits can be inherited.

With much of the scientific studies, the media is a popular breakthrough socially. The influential factor of society out of different traditions, culture and beliefs contributed as well to the person as he reached new stages of his life. In social behavior, curiosity becomes ignorance when he a person failed to visualize the concept of the behavior that he is trying to push for himself. Indeed, a behavior is unpredictable and a proper knowledge on how to mingle with the learned behavior will successfully create a better personality.