April 1st, I celebrate my first year of not smoking.  I have smoked longer than some of you have lived.  This was the hardest thing that I can remember having to do.

Pubs and bars should have the option of whether their business is a No Smoking establishment, not the government!!!!

After burying two friends of mine, in a 13 month period as a result of smoking, I started to worry about leaving my three sons without a mother.  Worse yet, Vanity took over and I could not imagine someone like myself, who has spent years taking serious care of her body and looks, being hooked up to oxygen and wheezing and hacking from emphysema.

A couple of years ago I asked my 18 year old, at the time, why so many of his friends smoke.  His reply broke my heart.  He said, “Because my friends think you are so cool and they want to be just like you!!!”

I still allow people to smoke around me and at my home.  My husband smokes.  I am proud to say that in the past year four 20 year olds, who visit our home, have kicked the habit.

I hope all adults can keep kids from lighting up………………….I never want to have to see another friend go through what my dear friends have gone through.  The loss of a friend is so hard but burying the mother of a kid I helped raise was devastating .

This is a very touchy topic, I know…….I spent years having three sons beg me to quit.

To anyone who wishes to quit………Good Luck!!!!!!   To those who have, please tell your story.

I saved almost $4,000 so far!!!!!!!