Youth and Drugs

How to start on this subject? Drugs have been around for as long as I can remember maybe longer. I remember when I was a kid and my step father was throwing pot seeds around the sewer tank Told me, you could make some change with this stuff.That was back in the early 60’s when sex drugs and rock and roll was the rule of the land.Then I got educated on drugs. Drugs is money| Kids from way back and knew that there is a big demand for the stuff and have been selling ever sense. Bedsides usingthre product they have created an underground money exchange don’t pay taxes on it and walk around like a big dog with a bone. Meth has been around for at least 50 years then it was called crystal. Now days it is a lot more powerful get high and you feel like you are on top of the world. Keep using it and then it control’s ever thing you do. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly from meth heads they will sell everything they own to get the next fix. then they start stealing from family and friends. Family throws them on the street they go to there dealer friends house the friend lets him stay if and what a big if. that if will turn you down a path of hate and feeling sorry for yourself blaming every one but you. Now a days we have not only kids using but generations of people using. some of them has learned how to take advantage of the death they sell. our drug society has turned our habits into big money when kids see gang bangers driving nice cars and flashing a roll of bills they want a piece of the action.

Like i said drugs have been here for ever but how to stop Americans from buying is another problem kids see there parents and grandparents doing drugs and selling drugs and know they are in for a fast life. Our youth do not see a very great future for themselves most think that socity has turned there back on them and are willing to throw them away. We in America throw billions of dollors trying to combat this problem knowing we can not win when demand is so great. To stop the problem we need to come up with a way to make some drugs legal then put a big enough tax on them to pay for the downside of drugs. We have to look at the whole problem and try new ways. We can not build enough prison’s or have enough treatment clinics for the people that take us to the cleaners. Our youth are our future and we are failing them in so many ways. We are a throw away socity.