Smart Spending

Money, oh money, how I love it so, how I wish I had it.

It may have just recently become a bad economy for many Americans, but I’ve been living on very little for eight years.

Like so many people nowadays I like good things but the prices are ridiculous. I devised my own method into the madness of spending like you’ve got it.

1. Clothes don’t make the man. There are perfectly nice clothes for men women and children for under $10.00 a piece. I know what you’re thinking and no I don’t mean at flea markets or thrift shops. Look around major stores or online and you’ll see what I mean. In my opinion only people with low self esteem buy anything over $40.00. Also be creative as far as old clothing goes. I save all the cool buttons, ribbons and t- shirts and I make headbands and purses for my daughter. All you really need to do to recycle your clothes is keep some thread, needles, glue and fabric markers around the house.

2. Food. Oh how I love that Chinese food, those cheeseburgers and bistek tacos, but eating out all the time can completely drain your wallet. What you can do is go online and search up recipes. What I do is type in the stuff I got and something is always bound to pop up. And when you go grocery shopping spend as little as you can by cutting coupons and mixing both already made and do it yourself items. For example, I buy corn tortillas for my tacos instead of those boxes of tortilla shells. The boxes can be about $3.00 and the corn tortilla package is about $1.50. The taco shells are generally used for beef tacos but regular corn tortillas can be made for beef tacos, tacos de queso blanco, migas, bean tacos, you catch my drift. Just heat them up in oil and pick your filling.

3.Makeup.Well one thing I’ve learned is the more makeup you use the uglier you look. I keep my self looking younger by not trying to look so dressed up all the time. This I was taught by my mother who told me that you could tell how old a woman was by the amount of makeup she wears. Older women wear less and younger women look like walking corpses. Keep it simple, powder, lipstick and mascara.

4.Cleaning products. Vinegar sells for cheap and can be used for cleaning up the bathroom. Also good old fashioned scrubbing can replace all those degreasers. Paper towels are out for cleaning in my house, I use old newspaper to clean mirrors, the kitchen table, desks, counter tops. If you have a pet that may have a few fleas mix some fresh garlic and water in a sprayer and spray around infested areas. The smell will go away in a couple of hours if you open the windows. My mother in law use to do that and it seemed to work.

There are so many more ways to save money. You just have to be creative, knowledgable and not always care what others may say. They don’t pay your bills so let them talk. Smart people know how to spend.