Getting Back to the Simple Things

In these hard economic times it’s difficult to find extra money to spend on non-essentials. We are killing ourselves, sometimes working two or more jobs, just to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. For most of us, the extras just don’t exist anymore. For the first time in many years I found myself in a position where I was unable to take a vacation during the summer months, go on day excursions, or even treat myself to an occasional movie or two during the week. Not only did I not have any finances to work with at the time, but, I was forced to leave my summer employment because of an injury. Unable to keep myself busy, I began to feel down. I wasn’t feeling depressed but down about how things had not gone as planned.

One day while filling up my gas tank, just after a brief rain storm, instead of looking down while waiting to be filled I happened to look up. I saw the most awesome, beautifully clear, and perfect rainbow you ever could imagine in the sky. As I pulled away from the gas station the rainbow almost seemed to be following me. Instantly, I began to feel better about my entire situation.

Although, I still could not afford to splurge as usual, I began to start appreciating with greater respect the simple things like: the sound of water flowing from a brook, walking through the park hearing children laugh, and noticing dragonflies as they fluttered by. All these simple things seem to delight my heart when I was faced with the reality of having to stand still long enough to pay attention. No longer feeling the need to rush from here to there, in the vicious cycle of spending money and then trying to replace it by over working, I was able to reconnect with the part life that knows no economic strain. I was able to reconnect to the simple things that man can’t charge for or buy.

We are often too busy to take time to notice the most important things in life. Too busy to slow down and smell the flowers. It is my belief that God doesn’t make any mistakes and that maybe the hard economic times that some of us are now experiencing is His way of getting our attention; His way of getting us to refocus on the things that really matter in life, the simple things. So, when you’re feeling down about your economic situation or circumstances take time to stand still and notice all the simple things that bring you delight at no charge.