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I assume that would depend on your reasons for choosing the city or the country. My wife and I both grew up in big cities. That was fine for us however; it was a much different time in our history. I my opinion both have their advantages.

In the city jobs are more plentiful. No matter what your vocation you can find something in your chosen profession. Let’s face it; big business goes where the population is to have a bigger pool of workers to draw from. If you can deal with the congestion, noise, and overall valance that seem to go with city life the decision is what one would call a no brainier. Should that be the only deciding factor when choosing a place to live and raise a family? Life is the city offers distinct advantages not found in what we call the country.

You have access to much more variety in the form of entertainment. Face it there are very few museums, big league sports franchises, and other such amenities to be had with city life. Not to mention the probability of more crime and violence. Along with the benefits of city life come a unique set of drawbacks, in my opinion. While it is true that there are many diverse forms of life to be had with city life, it is not always what is best suited for raising a family. Oh I am quite sure that many people would disagree with me on this point, the facts still remain. The more people you have per square mile, the more likely you are to have a certain element of undesirables.

I do not advocate that country life is all wine and roses; we do have our share of problems. With the good in everything there is always a downside. Take for instance that where we live it is 35 miles one way to the grocery store. It may not always be convenient, but given the choice I’ll take country life anytime.

Let me explain. We lived in Austin Texas when our children were still too young to start school. We lived in a nice neighborhood in a great city. The problem I had was that the year before my oldest was to start school, a 3rd grade child shot another 3rd grade child, at the very school my daughter was supposed to attend. Now I know what you are thinking, there is no way to be 100% safe no matter where you live. Tragedy can, and often does, strike at anytime, anywhere.

I had to take a long hard look at our situation. Did I want to send my children to a school that violence had reared its ugly head, or was there a safer place to raise my children. I am not naive enough to think that no place is without violence of any kind, I just thought that maybe I could stack the odds a bit more in our favor.

Luckily I had a couple of uncles who had recently moved to a very small town, if you can call it a town, more like a 4 way stop sign along a state highway. As far as I could ascertain nobody had ever been shot while in the classrooms. That is not to say the little town was exactly crime free, but the crimes were petty compared to what we were exposed to in a large city like Austin. Lets face the Garden of Eden’ has long since been gone. I wasn’t looking for the perfect place, I think it doesn’t exist, but I wanted to play the odds. You know, stack the deck in my favor as much as humanly possible.

So my wife and I decided that we would move to the small town, live the small town life where everybody knows everybody.

This was a major inconvenience for my career seeing as I was forced to drive 100 miles each way into the nearest city to work in my chosen profession. A small sacrifice on my part I thought, to have my children live in what I thought was a much safer environment. Time has proven this to be true, at least for my family.

Knowing that you can’t shelter your children from all evil and crime, we felt it best to at least try to fine that happy medium. So I drove all those miles, all these years, and I think my children are much better off for the small sacrifice that I made so 15 years ago.

Is this the solution for everyone? Who knows? All I can tell you is that my children have gone to the same school all their lives and so far my oldest has graduated and is off to college. My younger 2 are on the same track and we are happy. There is a certain peace of mind knowing that if you forget to lock your doors one night you are probably not going to have a break in. Here in the country neighbors look out for one another.

If I had it to do all over again I am confident I would make the same choice. But like I said it’s not for everyone.