Best Ways to Save Money Living in London

London, the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is widely known as a very expensive city in which to live. There are many companies who actually pay employees working and therefore living in the City of London a London living allowance as the simple cost of daily living in the capital can be so out of keeping with living virtually anywhere else in the UK.

There are a number of reasons why living in London can be so expensive and the principal one is the cost of either buying or renting property itself. There are very few who can afford the prices of the multi-million pound City of London apartments and flats, either to buy or to rent, so the reality is that most people who work in the City of London will live some way outside the city itself.

This is where the second problem with the cost of living in London comes in to play. Transport in and around London can be an extremely expensive affair. The congestion charge makes the cost of bringing their cars in to London prohibitive for many drivers. Even when they have paid this charge, they may be faced with outrageous parking costs on top of it, added to the fuel bills they run up on daily basis. For this reason, most London commuters are forced to use public transport.

The London Underground service is the method which most people choose to utilise when travelling in London. This is an extensive network of different lines running not only in the city itself but extending to the surrounding and often fairly distant suburbs. The problem is that the cost of travelling on the London Underground on a regular basis can itself mount up to quite a prohibitive figure.

The Oyster card is therefore an excellent purchase idea for anyone living in or travelling regularly in London. The Oyster card is simply a small plastic card which is topped up with funds as and when required and can represent a considerable saving on the price of London Underground travel. The small charge of only a few pounds for having the card issued in the first instance could even mean that visitors to the city would also be best advised to purchase an Oyster card to minimise their transport costs for the duration of their stay. Oyster cards are available from most stations, a great many shops around London and are also valid on such as the London buses.

The cost of living in London is often greatly exaggerated in most respects other than in housing and in transport. In all other aspects of day to day existence, acceptable budget alternatives are almost always readily available if we take the time to look for them. The best ways to save money when living in London therefore are to live on the outskirts and pay for travel with an Oyster card.