Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and why People are Afraid to Talk about it

I was reading another author’s work that made me mad. Here’s why, the other author thinks that black athletes play sports to have something to do, and they don’t think of any career choices but going to pros, or looking for a way to get out the ghetto. I am black athlete that work’s hard when it comes to school work. I run track and i don’t look at track as career i look at it better my health, also because i love running and thats my passion. It also helps you academically because you have to be eligible to play a sport. My passion is also for furthering my education from high school to get my doctoral in Criminal Justice and a master’s in Journalism. People may say that black athletes dominate sports. It could be true or it could be false no one have that evidence to say whether they do or don’t. Also the media doesn’t want people to think that us black folks dominate sports. African American Athletes play sports to have fun or to stay out of trouble, and yes some look at it away out the ghetto. But not all African Americans look at it that way. Black athletes don’t always look at playing a career choice. African American study and go to college and major in different Field that are offered to them. It’s their opinion whether they want to study the field they pick. Black athletes better them self’s in a sport to be good at it , to get recognized to to um mm get a scholarship so they can better them self’s and their education. There are all type of ethnicity backgrounds that play pro sports and that there choice. Not all black athletes study physical education when they go to college. We have dream and goal in our lives that just doesn’t surround sport. We have to have a good academic performance in school to get to the pro or to get to college.
No all black athletes dominate sports. But all races dominate sports in this world to be a career and no not of them study physical education. Even if they did study Physical Education they are working with the school systems to keep our kids healthy and to keep all race’s of young children out of trouble by playing a sport. Not just blacks look at a sport to get out of the ghetto other people of other race’s do to. Not all black people look for a sport to get them to college other do to. All people are equal and all race’s dominate sports , because we all have are struggles that we will over come.