Men are from Earth Women are from Earth – No

Men are from Earth, women are from Earth.

Men and women are the same other than physically, so why should there be certain lifestyles or roles required of either men or women. Now, I don’t really care what other men and women want, because in the end it would be up them to live their lives the way the want. I don’t care if men want to take over everything, and women want to take care of everything.

But for me, it would be very annoying to follow a set of societal rules based just on gender. By that I mean, to be the one to ask the girl out just because I’m a guy, or as a lady, to order the salad at a fancy restaurant instead of a steak, or to earn more money as a guy (I have no problem with earning more money, but there is a little guilt if I find out that a woman doing the same career is earning less than me).

While gender roles assign different tasks to each gender, it gives different powers too, which can bring abuse and inequality. For example: Politics so far is still a place of mostly men. It sends a message of male dominance. While females have a dominance in nursing. Sewers are to males as salons are to females. The abuse goes both ways too.

By gender roles, men are supposed to have muscular bodies while females slim their bodies. (This should only be done for good health, instead of society.) And in a divorce, by gender role, men are supposed to have led financially so they should give more to the women.

Although, just because women nurtured for nine months and breastfed, doesn’t mean that men wouldn’t have wanted to do the same if it meant that they could keep their kids. I would.

Women in politics are rarely heard because there are so few of them. But maybe that’s because maybe most women themselves are not reaching for such goals. What about the home?

According to gender roles, men are supposed to take on the responsibility of providing for the house even if it means exhausting themselves too many work hours a day, and in return women are supposed to take care of the house and be passive.

These gender roles at home should most likely work better for the men who have better careers to support their family and women who are twins of their partners in every opinion. At schools, boys and girls act in the same way. Boys are supposed to be more aggressive and girls being more passive.

Boys play the sports, girls cheer the team, and not the other way around. Rarely are there any news about female sports teams when compared with male sports teams. Even “EMOTIONS” are assigned. Boys who show more emotions are made fun of while girls who show less emotion become the “strange” ones.

At work and in public, women are supposed to be helped and men are supposed to do everything by themselves (more likely to lead). At the present, some can say that things have changed, and more people are reaching for the careers, activities, perceptions, etc. they want instead of what society states, but there’s still that notion that others are watching and judging you as different.

As long as gender roles are fine with the genders, then society should be improved, but people should WANT these roles. (Note – some gender roles are a need instead of want, like women making the egg and men making the sperm and men giving the sperm to women to join their egg and the women nurturing the fetus for nine months, giving birth, and breastfeeding.)

If the people or society rather prefer their own roles, then they should try to do it, BUT everything works in agreement and disagreement. By that I mean, it comes down to which a person prefer, their own roles, or society’s offer of what their role should be. Both are optional, but anything a person should do should never do any harm.