Confederate Flag Csa Stars and Bars – No

To some, the Confederate flag is a sign of a past they prefer to ignore. They see it as a sign of slavery or racism. But to southerners (and yes, I am one), the flag represents something more. It is a symbol of our history. It is a symbol of the ideal that the people still rule the government and not the other way around. It is, in short, a symbol of pride, not of being white but of being people who were once free and fought to stay that way.

While attempting to not turn this into an American “Civil War” lecture, the Confederate flag is a symbol of that time and as such it is necessary to know something about the war between the USA and CSA to understand its full meaning.

The Confederate flag underwent many changes. The first official flag of the Confederate States of America resembled the USA’s first flag. It was red, white and blue with seven white stars in a circle. It had two red bars and one white bar and the stars were on a blue square. The “stars and bars” as it was called (what we incorrectly call the “stars and bars” today is not the same flag) was adopted March 4th, 1861 in Alabama. It became criticized when the war broke out due to confusion on the battlefield between it and the US battle flag. Interestingly enough, other designs had been turned down because people had lobbied for a flag the resembled the US flag.

The flag seen today was based on the second design for the CSA Navy Jack. The one seen today was not really used at all during the civil war as a symbol of the nation though there were flags which had the design as part of it such as the “stainless banner” which was mostly white with the current design taking the upper left corner and the “blood-stained banner” which featured a red bar going vertically down the right side of the white field.

The fact that ignorant racist groups use the flag to promote their causes should not cause people to want to ban it. It is a part of the whole of American history. To say it should be banned would be the same as if I said the American flag should be banned because the USA forced its rule over the CSA. It would be easier to ban its use as a symbol for neo-Nazi hate groups and white supremacist groups. They took it from the southern states not the other way around.

I’ve seen people coming to this country still putting stickers on their cars that have the flag of the nation they came from. To them it is a matter of pride in their roots. If they can show pride in their heritage, why can a southerner not show pride in theirs? Theirs is actually a part of the history of this country. And, oddly enough, you talk to any good ol’ boy flying the confederate flag, they have more love for their country than most of these post-modern hippy people who walk around waving the stars and stripes.

To those that see it as a symbol of racism, I would ask you to look at it from the perspective of southern people like me, many of whom came from families that never owned slaves. To those racist groups that use it as a symbol of their beliefs I would ask you to stop disgracing the rest of us who do not subscribe to your way of thinking.