Legend of the Chupacabra

El Chupacabra, The Goat-Sucker in Spanish, is a legendary cryptid. It seizes and kills livestock, bleeding them dry through small round holes. First heard of in Puerto Rico, it is now reported from Maine to Tierra del Fuego. Biologists consider its existence improbable, but then, they would.


The Chupacabra is about the size of a deer, perhaps three or four feet high, but more closely resembles a reptile. Gray-green and leathery or scaly of skin, it wears a row of spines up its back, like Barney the Dinosaur (but not purple). It may also have membranous wings; accounts differ. Its long face holds pointed slavering fangs, and a forked tongue. When enraged, its eyes flash with a demonic red glow.

Its posture is said to be that of a kangaroo, with heavily muscled powerful hind legs and small forepaws that it holds in front of itself as if begging. It has been reported capable of leaping 20 feet.

The cry of the Chupacabra is a shrill shriek, mixed with loud hissing. It emits a vile sulfurous odor when annoyed.


In Puerto Rico in 1995, a herd of sheep was found dead, each with three mysterious round puncture wounds, and each completely drained of blood. As time passed, hundreds of animals were killed in the area, according to reports, many in or near the small town of Moca. The slaughter was believed to be the work of the Vampiro de Moca at first, and later thought to be the work of a Satanic cult. However, many Puerto Ricans have now seen the Chupacabras.

In Russia, the creature was first sighted in 2005. It  apparently killed and drained thirty-two turkeys overnight near the town of Saraktash. In Gavrilova it killed sheep, and in Vozdvizhenka and Shishma it drained sheep, goats, and small horned cattle. Locals do not believe these deaths to be the work of normal predators, because the flesh is not harmed; only the blood is drained. The Russian Chupacabras appears to have grayish fur, perhaps an adaptation to the Russian winter.

According to Pravda, Dmitriy Madinovskii is tracking the creature along with colleagues from the Ural Ufology Monitoring Station.

In Texas, a Chupacabras was actually captured by an astute rancher. Its body is displayed in an El Paso pawnshop while awaiting evaluation by an unnamed university. Some people actually believe that this is the mummified body of a dog or hairless raccoon, showing the tremendous ability of the Chupacabras to adapt to varying environments.


The Chupacabras could be a creature from an adjacent universe, somehow marooned on earth and eating the only food it can tolerate. Naturally it would hide from us, especially if it feels lost and bewildered.

The creature could be a large vampire bat, perhaps mutated into a sizeable form by radiation or pollution, like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The cryptid could be a product of mass hysteria, perhaps promoted by those who cynically enjoy these kinds of sightings. Unlikely.

It could be a demonic manifestation. It does have glowing red eyes, and emits a sulfurous stench. However, why would demons pick on livestock?

It may be a relative of the Bigfoot or Sasquatch of North America, and like it, a remnant of a lost world. however, the two animals don’t look much alike.

One possibility remains. Puerto Rico is of course the original home of S.E.T.I., a scientific project which searches for signs of intelligent life anywhere in the universe. Did S.E.T.I. find such a sign? Did these foolish scientists somehow call an alien monster out of the unknown? We may never know.