Do you Employ Superstitions

Why do superstitions exist?  Why are we sometimes superstitious from time to time?  Do superstitions have any basis in fact?  These questions continue to persist through the ages, and I’ve asked them myself periodically.

Personally, superstitions have entertained my psyche when I can’t make a decision, or when I can’t figure something out.  And people take superstitions very seriously!  Not only do people take superstitions seriously, companies do as well.  Do you see many buildings with a thirteenth floor?  Thirteen may be a lucky number in China, but in the United States it’s anathema, something that is frowned upon.  Businesses realize that anything with the number thirteen in it can be troublesome for business, as people tend to shy away from that number.  Not all people, but a good majority.

If you are walking down the street and you see a workman on a ladder that is overhanging the sidewalk, do you walk under the ladder or go around it?  Even if you don’t believe in the negative results of walking under the ladder, just to be on the safe side most people will go around the ladder!  They say it’s bad luck to walk under the ladder, and misfortune will follow you till the day you die!  Who knows if this is true, but legends and myths die hard…

If you play poker, how many lucky talismans have you seen at the poker table?  Of all the casino games, poker has the most skill involved with it, yet time and time again I’ve seen that ever-present rabbit foot, or some lucky chip in front of the most serious players.  And most of these players swear that skill is going to make them win, not luck!  Yet for all the belief in skill, these lucky charms appear ubiquitously through almost every generation.  So that’s a key to understanding superstitions right there, they seem to be handed down from generation to generation.

If someone had good luck a certain day and either won something or got good news and had employed one of their personal superstitions, they will swear that it was that certain superstition that caused the event!  There is no harm in this belief, none at all, and if it helps us get through the day, then so be it.  No one is being harmed, and sometimes we need to believe in that certain something “extra” to help see us through the tough times.

I’ve even found myself repeating a certain act if I believe that I’m particularly superstitious by not employing a certain superstition.  One of my superstitions is never picking a penny up off the ground if it’s tails up!  If the penny is heads up, I believe it’s good luck, and I’ll go out of my way to obtain that penny.  But if that penny is showing tails, I make it a point not to even touch that penny, or even anything around it for that matter!  Of course, a penny isn’t worth much nowadays, but that’s not the point.  The good luck that a heads-up penny will bring me is the point, and so far it seems to have worked for me!  Do your superstitions, if you have any, work for you as well?