Adjule Mystery Dog of Africa

Africa has always been a place of mystery. It was called the “Dark Continent” for hundreds of years and for many reasons. Not the least of which were the number of animal mysteries that the continent contained. There was a time when locals would talk of the apes but no white person would ever believe that a hairy man-like creature could live in the jungles. That was until white scientists finally saw one in the early 1900’s.

Since then there have been all sorts of discoveries in Africa and they continue to this day. Are we certain that all that Africa has to offer has been discovered? Perhaps not; perhaps we will someday add the Adjule to the list of known animals in Africa.

Adjule? That’s certainly a name that very few people are familiar with. Adjule are supposed to be canines that live in North Africa. Apparently, they wander around various parts of the Sahara Desert.

As you may know, Africa has a number of canine species and one or two that appear to be canines but are not. Hyenas are not canines although they appear to be. Africa has a couple of species of Jackals, like the Black-backed Jackal and striped Jackals. It has some species of Foxes such as the Bat-eared Fox.

The most notorious of the African canines would be the African Wild Dog. This dog, unlike yours at home has only four toes. These dogs can get as tall as 43 inches and of course they live and hunt in packs.

The Adjule has been found, as mentioned previously, in various parts of the Sahara Desert. Their range is shared in some places with the African Wild Dogs. In fact, some have claimed that the Adjule is either a group of misidentified African Wild Dogs or a genetic remnant of the Wild Dogs.

Can it be as easy as that? Can this cryptid canine simply be an African Wild Dog or some genetic cousin? Some have you believe that but you can never be too certain. Those native to the Sahara region of Africa have reported these canines for years. Some reports have come from a few non-native folks.

It seems the last report of seeing a pack of Adjule was in 1992. Was that the last of this animal? That just adds to the confusion of the issue. Newer reports would go a long way to proving the true existence of this dog. In the end, the Adjule will remain a cryptid until it is finally discovered by science.