Goodness on Good Earth – Yes

Hey, even Hitler committed suicide. If ever there was a “bad” person, it is Adolph Hitler, but even he did the right thing (even if for all the wrong reasons) when he took his own life. His brand new bride, Eva Braun probably had what is best described as the Honeymoon from Hell. What did she see in her groom that was worth marrying and dying for in their final days? Also well-known is that the man responsible for the death of millions was kind to dogs and children. Is this evil or good?

The trouble with such binary questions as: “Is there goodness in everyone?” is that it suggests all things fall into such categories. They do not. There is a wide range of all goodness and all evil in all people. With anthropomorphism, people even decide that plants, animals, and even such things as weather or nature have goodness or evil within their being. Due to this, the only reasonable concept is to accept that everyone, and everything, contains elements of goodness within.

There are also practical reasons to believe in people and to believe in virtue. In a global crisis human beings need to sense their connection to all the people of the world, the supportive food, air, water and soil of the world and all the entities and systems which make life, and therefore goodness itself, possible.

The theory that makes the most practical and reasonable sense is that life in general is what we deem “good” and exploitation of others, be they people, animals, forests or planets is “bad.” This is demonstrated throughout history. There is no possible way that Hitler would have led entire nations on with his charisma unless they, and he, believed they were doing “good” in the world. It is not evil, and it is not death that is the enemy. The enemy of good is always indifference, or worse, zeal for a “good cause.”

It is indifference to the plight of the suffering that is truly evil. Denial is another word for that indifference. Passion, too is another cause of suffering if it is misplaced and applied toward a goal that leads to hate, murder, death and exploitation. 

People on Earth today have to unite and not blame one another for global crisis. Rather, they should support and encourage one another that all are valuable, all are loved and all are worth preserving, at least as much as Earth itself is worth preserving. A quality of life is more important than quantity, therefore people need to learn how to sustain themselves and one another with caring planning and compassion.

Right to life should be not about just birth control, the death penalty or a need for vengeance. A right to life should be about caring for life itself, life on Earth. What is goodness if not caring, sharing and being grateful; doing so brings out the goodness in all.