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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  We derived most human values from that sensible earth at first, then, much later, from the abstract concept of that heaven.  Very likely your personal values reflect what your larger “sense of belonging” belongs too.

People value their faith, even those whose faith is more firmly planted in technology and science.  People value what they sense to be good, noble, healthy and honorable, and most of these concepts came from written scriptures after they came from the more than human world around us.

People only value hatred, war, disease, poverty, pollution and extinctions when they are led to believe these things are “normal” and necessary.

It does not matter whether one is heathen, religious, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or gentile, all people’s values originated in oral traditions that believed in an animistic life in the air we breathe, the land, the forests, the animals, and the sea. When those values were abstracted and put in scripture, they quickly grasped, and then people slowly obscured, the very breathe of God.

Yet, even today, there are still many people who value their connection to belonging to the creation more than they value having the creation belong to them. There is also a world wide surge of people from every walk of life, faith, and region, who have come to realize our values must be aligned with  that which gives life. We must therefore protect, appreciate, and defend life from values which defile it.

People before written language people knew the land as what gave life to all organisms. They rightly realized that appreciating the gifts of life, they were grateful to God or gods. At about two minutes to midnight, if all human history were set in a 24 hour clock, came agriculture, and then, a couple of moments later, written language.

Suddenly the earliest people’s to sense God in the wind discovered the written word. They took that word and recorded it on gold tablets that they stashed away in the ark of the covenant. Their scribes began to grapple with, infuse and confuse, the words themselves which are now dispersed from the mists of time into rigid monotheistic creeds.

There are more people who know Raiders of the Lost Ark was about swashbuckling adventure than there are who know about the breathe of God being so powerful and potent that it had to be guarded for millennia.

Nevertheless, people slowly over time took the written word to be powerful in and of itself.  It lost its direct connection to the breathe of God, its power which is still dimly remembered as spirit, psyche, word, and atmosphere, and became an abstract set of letters that now fly across cyberspace with the seeming ease that once breathed life into dust and clay, creating humanity from the same primordial pool that all carbon based life forms came.

Earliest writing has at least two direct connections to our origins. One was that in hieroglyphs and pictographs, people could still see the vague shape, and often sound, of what was being identified.  The second connection is that before the Industrial Revolution, people lived lives outdoors. They ate, drank, and breathed what they themselves experienced from the natural world. They gathered around the hearth and fire-side beneath the whirling calendar of constellations with which most were quite familiar. They hunted and gleaned their food from places they lived within and revered.

However, one cannot blame early man, religion, writing, industry,  hierarchy or even patriarchy, for the lost values of caring for all life as sacred and viewing living beings as life giving brothers and sisters. It is better not to blame at all, but to heal and reconnect.

If  we must find a culprit, it should be only ourselves.  Today, no one but misguided human beings, look upon the heavens and the earth and think, I am important enough that all of this is created for me by He in which whose image I am made.  Therefore, they think, this gift is mine to destroy, exploit, and take from others be they foreigners or forests.  This is fatal arrogance that shapes our values.  It is the false value of pride that comes, always, before the fall.

However, the answer is blown in the wind. The air itself is breathed within us, and around us.  People are hungry for fresh air.  And, people are catching on to the refreshing concept of recreating Eden on earth, tuning in and tweeting the world by the word.