Who Drinks more

What an interesting topic with many other factors of gender-related points. The obvious is that men weigh more than women, so they can drink more before becoming intoxicated. Another factor is that most men drink beer which is has a far less alcohol content by volume than that of women’s mix drinks or cosmos. Let us look at alcoholic content by volume of a basic Cosmopolitan: Vodka (which ranges from 40% – 60%) Cointreau which is 40%. Beer? Ah normally 4%-6%. So are we talking drinking more in terms of number of drinks or alcohol content? Men drink more BEER than women. When was the last time you saw a hetro-sexual male drinking an appletini? Even so, without getting “razzed” by his peers?

Men were raised to enjoy beer. The tradition where the father shares his son’s first beer with him? I don’t know about other ladies, but my mother never shared an alcoholic beverage with me as a right of passage! Beer is definitely an accustomed taste.

Beer sales are becoming more popular with women. This is a direct reasoning as to why all of the main-stream brewing companies are coming out with “lighter” products that reduce the carbohydrate content in beers, which ultimately lessens the calories. However, this also lessens the alcohol by volume content as well. So, here we go again. . . . who drinks more? Younger women (between the ages of 21 and 30 are also drinking more beer as to the women in the other age groups). Why? It is a cost-effective way to drink “more” and not get too intoxicated. The new markets of lighter beers emerging. Their lifestyles now versus older generations (Women are waiting longer to start families, hence having more time for social activities).

A guy’s social event usually always involves drinking. In fact, I know this statement may get me into trouble, but ANY activity that men do socially they will make drinking the sport in lieu of the activity at hand. A quiet day of fishing? Don’t forget the cooler of beer! Day on the golf course, oh, why are there beverage caddies driving around making sure your beer is refreshed? I know I am being quite stereotypical, but hence so is the topic. Hunting is primarily a man’s sport. How many beer runs do you suppose the average group of guys go on throughout a weekend out in the woods? All I am saying was when was the last time you saw a bunch of ladies drinking beers in their yoga class? So, the type of activities that men and women also has an effect on how much they drink. Men tend to do outdoor activities that involves alcohol, women do to, don’t get me wrong. But, when I am going hiking, my water bottle is not filled with alcohol.

After all of this, I still don’t have a definitive answer. But, if I have to choose one, then yes, in today’s times, men still drink more often than women. I’m just glad prohibition is over! I would like to go enjoy a nice ale with dinner now.