Tolerance is very important as a social value. The world today is very globalised and people need to understand the practise and cultures of other religions and ethnic groups. One ethnic group may be very different in food, dress, dance, music and customs as opposed to another social group. Tolerance helps us embrace and understand other people who we feel are different from us and also promotes unity amongst people.

The work environment is also very important when it comes to tolerating diversity. One will find that different people of different nationalities and race groups who one will never necessarily meet in their own social circles are now placed together and need to work as a team to get a job done successfully. Getting that job done successfully means that the people who are working in the team need to overcome social prejudice and understand and be tolerant of other people’s cultures and religious practices within the group. This is the same in the school settings as diversity is very common in many schools and everyone has to work together to try and embrace diversity within the organisation. In time all these people will embrace a common culture which is the organisational culture of the organisation.

Tolerance in society is important as people of other groups need to know how to act in front of other groups. Tolerance also teaches people not to act like barbarians and harass or intimidate other social groups through violence or verbal abuse. This shows the prejudiced party in a very bad light and children tend to learn from example from their elders. Prejudice teaches hate and hate unfortunately is responsible for war, famine and sufferings and misunderstandings in the world. Parents need to teach their children to be tolerant in life and then they will not hate others for being different but the children will try to embrace people who are different from them and they will try and understand other cultures and ethnic groups. These children will prosper in life when they are adults as they can work in harmony and not mistrust people based on their differences, but they will embrace other cultures and religions.

Look at what a waste the holocaust was. Hitler killed so many innocent people based on race and religion. There was so much pain, destruction and suffering in this difficult and terrifying time. Everyone was suffering even the people who hated and killed others.

Tolerance is very important as a social value in today’s fast-paced world. One needs to embrace differences between people and understand why they are different.