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No one is to blame, but there are lots of factors and circumstances that contribute to the rise of childhood problems. I watched this Nanny show or something, (a UK show) on TV and I would say that major of the parents featured in the programs are very nice and warm people. There’s nothing wrong with them, but yet they have obnoxious kids. Some would find that adorable but others would find it a turn-off and saying that it reflects badly on the parents. I don’t look at the context of UK mainly but all over the world, there will be this problem-child syndrome. Always and perhaps it’s never going to end.

If you watch those reality TV shows on how to discipline your child and all that, what are the 2 keywords that come across to mind..? Think first. It would be strategy and also firmness. The Nanny show, for instance, gives lots of strategies and methods for the parents involved so that their children will listen to them. Don’t consider children as fishes but you have to bait them to make them come to you and listen to you. Also, firmness is important. Even if they are tired or lazy to study and it falls under their schedule timing, you just have to push through yourself to push them to study. Because early childhood laziness might equals to failure, if not handled properly. I would think that there are lots of methods for one to really discipline their children, and sometimes parents pamper and give in too much. And hence, a rise in the number of childhood problems, including the UK.

If you still want to think about someone or something to blame, the language used at home and the type of environment you give your children is vital and crucial at their growing up stage. Do not pamper them with fast food, luxury brands of toys all the time, and make them have a mindset that in this world, nothing is free and you have to work to get it. Make them work for it. Like they can have those chocolate Mars bar if they finish up their homework. Or you can bring them to watch movies say during that time, ‘Finding Nemo’ if they have scored 90% at least for their spelling tests and stuff like that. You have to work closely with your partner in this sense. Work together for a time-plan together and what other things to ‘bait’ your children with, so that they won’t be sucked up to the boring environment of having to study, do good and be a good child. Let them realize and know that learning is fun, and could be fun, together with loving support of their parents. If you put your heart, mind and soul to it, I’m sure you would see some good results. Trust me.