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Useful Recommendation to Ponder When Getting Ready for Chapter

Nobody ever desires to file for bankruptcy, however sadly generally there aren’t any different options. Use the guidelines from the this text as a guide that can assist you make one of the best of your current situation. With focusing from the the constructive, you could create a helpful experience out of this very tough

Sebastian Vettel – The Funniest German

The German sense of humour is often treated as a punchline in itself. Lazy comedians fall back on the concept in the absence of a joke, and British audiences in particular like to laugh at our po-faced Teutonic neighbours.   And while films such as Go Trabi Go have begun to change the stereotype of

USF1 – An American Perspective

For almost two years, I have been writing the Slipstream as a different perspective on the world of Formula One.  As an American F1 fan, I am surrounded by the sounds of other domestic racing series, and while I am a fan of those series, Formula One is my passion.  I would like to take

Safety in F1 – The ever moving target

Recent events at Spa have once again bought into question the safety aspect of Formula One, with many asking for the FIA to look into the use of closed cockpits. This however may not only be a question of safety but one of perception. Formula 1 has always been about open wheel and cockpit racing

Camp Pain

The start of the season is the time when many British GP fans will start discuss amongst themselves as to where they are going to stay when attending the British GP. The argument will be prolonged and eventually they will opt, as they always do, for camping. What could be more romantic than getting up