Websites for Housewives

Today’s housewife may look different from her early 20th century counterpart, but their mandate is the same: serving their husbands and families with distinction by properly managing their households. Many housewives are able to accomplish so much more than their foremothers thanks to modern convienences and valuable information found on the internet.

From cleaning tips to organizational ideas to recipes, any woman will benefit greatly from a diligent web search and a favorites folder bookmarked with useful websites. Listed below are links to sites that I highly recommend.

Darla Shine is an outstanding example of a woman who said enough is enough and turned away from the Desperate Housewives culture. She has instead promoted a wonderful sense of pride for stay-at-home wives and mothers, and all women who want to serve their families with distinction. I want to encourage you to pick up her book today. Her website is crammed full of fantastic tips for every aspect of family care including recipes, cleaning tips, work at home solutions, child rearing, physical well being and even special emphasis for military wives. There is also a wonderful discussion board where ladies come together online to chat and encourage one another.

For those of us that might be learning to cook a little later in the game (like myself) this site is a total must! Christy Jordan is a bona-fide Southern Lady and a true delight. Her recipes are not only mouth-watering, she shares step-by-step tutorials with pictures! How cool is that? It’s seriously like having quality cooking lessons right in your own home.

I homeschool my three children. The advice, tips and general information I glean from Heather’s site is invaluable. Just her post on her binder organization made my jaw hang open. Here’s a girl who knows how to get things in order! I love to see the pictures of her sweet family as they journey together in their homeschooling adventure. If you are a homeschooler, or if you are considering homeschooling take a walk through her site, read the archives and click the links. It’s all good stuff.

I greatly admire Susanne. I’m constantly reading her recipes and frugal living tips. She is really amazing. Her article about Apron Evangelism made me want to wear my apron 24/7 and be the very picture of superwoman. The Hillbilly Housewife site offers valuable insights, recipes, tips and a good solid dose of Christian morality and edification. It’s good for the brain and good for the soul.

Those sites will get you off to a great start! I hope you benefit from them as much as I do every day.