Factors that Affect Quality of Life

Your quality of life is affected by many factors. It’s not just where you live and how much money you bring home that matters – other things such as your health, social life, and attitude also influence the standard of life that you have.

Your environment and income are two factors affect your quality of life. Living in the country or in a big city will impact on how you live. Big cities offer access to various leisure activities and services that may not be found in the country but they come at a price and if you don’t have the finances to afford them your quality of life won’t necessarily be better. Money therefore appears to be the stronger factor in the quality of your life because it gives you many more choices than when you’re broke.

Health is another factors that plays a considerable role. While some people believe that people with money will be in better health that’s not necessarily true. Money will buy medicine and the best of health care but it won’t health if your diet is poor and your lifestyle lacks daily physical activity. People who eat a balanced diet and exercise on a daily basis are healthier and tend to have a better quality of life – so it’s a good idea to invest in your health and start running, going to the gym or signing up for a dancing course.

People with an active social life are healthier than people who stick to themselves. Make an effort to stay in contact with family and friends. Accept invitations to go out for coffee or to a dinner party. You don’t have to be a social butterfly and attend every party or organized event or even head out every day but getting out and about at least once a week will improve the quality of your life.

The other important factor that affects your quality of life is your attitude. Optimistic people have a positive outlook on life and hence experience a better standard of living simply because of the way they think. Pessimistic people on the other hand view most situations with a negative attitude and this has a negative impact on the quality of their life.

A good quality of life comes down to your attitude, environment, income and health. By changing the things that are within your control for the better you can automatically improve your quality of life and the rest will fall into place with time.