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Country Living is the Place for me – Country

When I was in my teenage years I always said I wanted to live in the city, but it wasn’t until I matured that I realized the country is where I really need to be. I actually live in a small town, not really country- but my mom grew up in the country and her

Getting Back to the Simple Things

In these hard economic times it’s difficult to find extra money to spend on non-essentials. We are killing ourselves, sometimes working two or more jobs, just to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. For most of us, the extras just don’t exist anymore. For the first time in many years

Successful Relocation

When you first move to a new city or town, you are consumed with the necessary tasks of creating a new life: hooking up the utilities, unpacking and finding new places to put all of your things, starting a new job, and so on. Once you are settled in, the less defined business of settling

What is Cherokeenc like

If you’re looking to be surrounded by majestic mountain, fresh flowing rivers and a picture perfect blue sky, then you’ll find living in Cherokee, North Carolina a dream come true. Cherokee Indians called this area the “Land of the Blue Smoke.” Cherokee is the perfect vacation destination with plenty of attractions for the entire family.

Best Ways to Save Money Living in London

London, the capital city of both England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is widely known as a very expensive city in which to live. There are many companies who actually pay employees working and therefore living in the City of London a London living allowance as the simple cost of

Who Drinks more

What an interesting topic with many other factors of gender-related points. The obvious is that men weigh more than women, so they can drink more before becoming intoxicated. Another factor is that most men drink beer which is has a far less alcohol content by volume than that of women’s mix drinks or cosmos. Let

Smart Spending

Money, oh money, how I love it so, how I wish I had it. It may have just recently become a bad economy for many Americans, but I’ve been living on very little for eight years. Like so many people nowadays I like good things but the prices are ridiculous. I devised my own method

Youth and Drugs

How to start on this subject? Drugs have been around for as long as I can remember maybe longer. I remember when I was a kid and my step father was throwing pot seeds around the sewer tank Told me, you could make some change with this stuff.That was back in the early 60’s when

Mobile Home Mobile Home Park St Louis Area new Town St Charles Bankrupcy second Mortgage

I believe the phrase, “the American dream” and “keeping up with the Joneses,” have been friends for a long time. They have walked hand in hand for many years. I would venture to say that most, if not all, American citizens fully know the meaning of both of those cliches. The American Dream can best

Country Living is less Stressful – Country

If city lifestyle fits like a glove, then you will probably experience comfort and satisfaction there. However, if you choose to live in the country, rather than in the city, and you have lived in the city, you will notice a considerable drop in the sizzling energy delivered to your senses. The country allows much

Country Life City Life Crime Congestion Polution Peace Quiet Neighbors – Country

I assume that would depend on your reasons for choosing the city or the country. My wife and I both grew up in big cities. That was fine for us however; it was a much different time in our history. I my opinion both have their advantages. In the city jobs are more plentiful. No

Sex or no Sex before Marriage – Yes

There is no need to consider consensual sex before marriage a novelty. It has been a constant thread of human behavior since time began. If people choose to have sex before they are married, they may or may not continue on to a long life together. Their premarital sex is not the litmus test for

Ethics and Society

The simple life It was in the hallway I saw three guys huddled together quietly talking, I said to myself, there we go again, talking about technology. I work in an atmosphere where technology is huge, not bigger than the egos of all men working there. The machoism and competitiveness often leave much undesirable for

Baby Boomers Seeking a Safe Place to Live have Options

Baby Boomers Seeking A Safe Place To Live, Have Options You are a baby boomer and for one reason or another, you are forced to move. With respect to your safety, becoming knowledgeable about the place where you plan to move is extremely important. Ask yourself, if you will be safe living in that area?

Sex before Marriage Opinion with Approval – Yes

“Should people have sex before marriage?” is the wrong question to ask on such a dicey subject! Why is that, you may inquire? This is one of those situations where I actually follow the advice from my mother…. We never had a sit-down talk about sex while I was growing up, she never felt the

Halloween Dia De Los Muertos

If you grew up in America you probably had a few favorite holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving, and maybe Halloween? It can’t be denied that American children and even the adults look forward to Halloween with glee. The candy, costumes, and parties are always fun, and everyone likes a good scare. However nowadays people have begun to

Is Country Living for me

I love my home in rural America. My husband and I and our two sons live down a gravel lane in the Pennsylvania countryside. We are surrounded by meadows on three sides giving our sons a huge backyard in which to run and play and just be boys. We don’t have to live in fear

Do City Officials have the right to Enter Homes

The term, probable cause, is of utmost importance to determine if city officials should have the right to inspect a person’s home or living conditions inside their own homes. But then we have to determine what constitutes probable cause. If you are concerned about a neighbor’s well-being you should notify the police and request a