Superstitions of Gems and Metals

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Since the earliest times people all over the world have put their faith in the power obtained from gems, crystals and precious metals, and the have also relied on them for their ailments. Today the Chinese still use powdered pearls, corals and gems in their medicines, and various Native American Indian Tribes place great medicinal value on certain gems.
This belief which still exist worldwide, can be traced back to Ancient Roman and Greek writings, but the emphasis on their ‘values’ was not really utilised until the Middle Ages.

The superstitions associated with gems are many fold and follow two different areas of life; the spiritual and the physical. The spiritual influence which supposedly arises from the gem involves them in the use of remedies against natural or supernatural elements. The second area of use follows a more physical path, where the gems are used for medicinal purposes; here gems can become used in spiritual healing and also for actual use in ‘concoctions.’


Agate is said to subdue thunder storms, to please the gods, and to reveal futures. Wearing it is supposed to quench the thirst and also cure the blind. A black agate with white veins is considered to be a charm against every danger.

Amazon Stone are carried for luck.

Amber protects against witchcraft and brings good luck. It is said it will help you gain weight; aids throat problems and can also cure blindness.

Amethyst is for pleasant relaxing sleep and is used against pain.

Aquamarine is said to grant one the ability to read minds.
Cat’s Eye ensures good weather and keeps the wearer looking attractive.

Also used for gambling luck.

Coral subdues storms and lightening. It is used for indigestion.

Crystals are said to protect against witchcraft and can be used to see the future and bring good luck. It is also employed to prevent disease in cattle.

Diamond protects from evil spirits and danger but can bring misfortune or luck when found. It is said to promote courage in battle.

Emerald is used to bring rain and prevents against epilepsy and diseases. It is said to sponsor immortality.

Flint placed over your doorway keeps bad luck away.

Garnet is said to protect you from thieves and can make someone love you. Also used for luck.

Granite is said to strengthen the heart but weakens the mind.

Jade promotes good luck and causes others to say yes.

Loadstone is said to alleviate pain and make the deaf hear. Often used has a protection on journeys.

Marble brings bad luck when cracked.

Onyx is said to evoke bad dreams and demons.

Ruby is said to protect against lightening and storms. It is used as a disinfectant.

Pearl contains antibiotic properties, and is said to ensure entrance to Heaven.

Peridot is said to protect the wearer from harm during the night.

Quartz is said to avert storms, and is used as a remedy for snake bites.

Sapphire is said to enable the opening of the third eye, and promoting a physical and emotional balance.

Topaz prevents curses, cures eye ailments and is said to relive stress and anxiety.
It is carried as a protection while travelling and is said to be influenced by the phases of the moon.

Tourmaline was used for toothache and headache.

Turquoise is another gem used to protect the wearer and it is said to enable wisdom, courage and promote spiritual awareness.


The superstition surrounding Brass indicates it will free you from enchantment.

Copper can make you disappear. (It is also considered to be an antidote for pimples, rashes and boils).

It is said that Iron is the substance of evil, one which exorcises demons, and is also defence against ghosts and witches. It is a metal which is said to grant magic. The seal of King Solomon is said to consist of two metals; one side of the seal is said to have been made from Iron, which he summoned forth the demons to do his bidding. The reverse side of the seal was said to be of a bronzed metal which subdued and controlled the demons to depart.

A hot fire iron placed in beer was said to add iron and make you strong, and basic iron is said to cure epilepsy and calm fever.

Gold is regarded a good luck metal, warding off the evil eye and protecting you from demons and evil spirits. Gold is the metal of lovers and the giving of a golden ring ensures a loving partner. Gold is said to attract wealth.

If you carry lead it is said you will not be struck by lightening.

Silver is another metal which will protect you from evil spirits and will bring you good luck.

You will notice that if you ever encounter a gipsy, she will always say she wants to be paid in silver.

So these are some of the gems and metals that have made their way into our lives, and which continue to influence us, even today.

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