Naming a Baby Son Luke

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The name Luke is deeply entrenched in religion and the Catholic Faith, as the name Luke has be deified many times over.

Gender –   Masculine

Pronunciation –  Lewk or Look


Luke has several meanings depending on the country. It is the English translation for the Latin name Luca meaning “light”, or a “bringer of light and knowledge”. In Greek and Italian, it means ” a man from Luciana” while in Hebrew, the name Luke stands for “luminous, white”.

Origins and History

Saint Luke dating back to Biblical times was a doctor who traveled with one of the apostles St. Paul and who wrote the Third Gospel and Acts in the New Testament. In 1655, a prayer called “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” was written by John Ady. Later in popular culture, a song was written by the same name.

Because the name Luke is deeply rooted to the Catholic Church, there have been several saints by the name of Luke, therefore several Saints Days to commemorate St. Luke.

February 7 – St. Luke the Younger
June 3 – St. Luke Banabakiutu
May 30 – St. Luke Kirby
June 5 – St. Luke Loan
Aug. 17 – for the baby name Luke in honor of St. Luke Kiemon
Oct. 18 – St. Luke


The popularity of Luke has progressively climbed to success from 1900’s-2006, where it rested in 43 out of 1000 names. It is also popular in England/Wales, Ireland, Australia, and Northern Ireland, but only maudlin in Canada. The name Luke is seen as masculine, strong, simple and wholesome.

Celebrities and Celebrity Babies with the Name Luke:

Celebrity babies named Luke have been born to Adam Beach, Bill Murray, Colin Mochrie, and Kirk Cameron. Dane Luke is a child of Lee Majors. Luke William is a child of Rick Schroder and Giacoma Luke is the son of Sting.

Keye Luke  – June 18, 1904- famed Chinese actor who came all the way from Canton, China. A Gemini who tends to be extremely independent, quick in mind and spirit, full of energy and vitality.

Luke Perry  – Oct. 11, 1965- of Beverly Hills 90210, a Canadian, a Libra, well known for their sense of excitement, adventure. They love to work in partnerships and groups, are intuitive and the diplomats of the Zodiac.

Luke Benward  – Aug. 15, 1995- famed star of How to Eat Fried Worms, is a Leo who are known and esteemed as truly the lion in the jungle, incomplete control.

Luke Wilson  – Sept. 21, 1971- That 70’s Show, a Virgo known for their independence, analytical, and problem solving minds, are very intelligent, and like to be in control.

Luke Goss – Sept. 29,1968 – a Libra same as Luke Perry

Many great athletes have been born with the name Luke:

* Baseball: – Luke Appling ( Hall of Fame), Luke Glavenich, Luke Hamlin,
Luke Hudson, Luke Lutenberg, Luke Nelson, Luke Prokopec,
Luke Scott, Luke Sewell, Luke Stuart, Luke Urban, Luke Waller
Luke Allen
* Golf: – Luke Donald – PGA tour golfer
* Basketball – Luke Jackson, Luke Ridnour, Luke Walton, Luke Witte
* Soccer – Luke Joyce ( English), Luke Moore, Luke Steele
* Football – Luke Lawton, Luke McCown, Luke Petitgout
*  Pro Hockey – Luke Richardson

Name Variants

Gianluca, LLuc, Luc, Luca, Lucas, Lucasta, Lucky, Luka, Luckacs, Lukas, Lukasz, Luuk, Luukas

Places and Facts

St. Luke’s Hospital in Surrey Place, St. Louis is renowned as a terrific hospital both to stay in and to work in. St. Luke’s Church in Chelsea, London is a long established institution. As well as St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center in Idaho. A restaurant by the name of “Luke’s Italian Beef” can be found in The Loop in Chicago.

Many Lukes have been romanticized by fictional characters such as “Cool Hand Luke” ( 1967)played by leading man Paul Newman about a man who was sent to prison for two years and had to work on a chain gang with a sadistic boss.

Luke Skywalker is our endearing hero in “Star Wars” and Lucky Luke is a popular Belgian cartoon character set in the American Old West and was famous for shooting faster than his shadow.

Of course, there are the two Lukes in Margaret Atwood’s ” The Handmaid’s Tale”, Offred’s husband, and Luke Fon Fabre, the main character of “Tales of the Abyss”. As one can see, the name Luke us reflects a talented and versatile personality.

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