Naming a Baby Boy Ian

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The name of Ian evolves like a family tree and is a favorite pick as a popular name.

Gender –  Masculine with related name of John and feminine version Jane.

Pronunciation –  EE-an


Hebrew means Gift From God
Irish means God is Gracious
Scottish means Gift from God, Grace and Mercy of our Lord

Origins and History

The origins of Ian stem way back to Biblical times with the name Iohanna. From there, the name Iona/Eoan came to the Irish Gaelic language during the 13th century. It then developed as Eoin during the Middle Ages pronounced as “OAN” and became modernized as Iain. It was also related to the name of John, appearing in the 17th century.

The spelling Iain appeared in a few documents in Irish Gaelic 12th century as places, or in religious contests. e.g. Epscop Colmaniclusain Iain Moir, meaning Bishop Colman in the Meadow of Big John. The spelling of Ian finally appeared in 19th century England/Scotland, its popularity spreading to Britain, Australia, Canada and the U.S. in the 1960’s. The name Ian became one of the most popular in Scotland and Wales.

Related Names or Variants

Bevan (Welsh), Ean (Manx), Evan (English, Welsh), Iain (Scottish), Ivan (Russian, Cezch, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Bulgarian, Ukrainian), Jan (Dutch), Jean (French), John (Biblical, English, Juan (Spanish), Sean (Irish), Yan ( Bulgaria). Ian can be short for Damian or Elian.


The name Ian started with a tiny spark in the 1930’s and billowed into a big cloud, weighing in at number 81 in 2006. .056% of males in the U.S. have the name Ian. Ian is seen as definitely masculine, wholesome, strong, refined, simple, serious, and classic.


* Iain Ellis Hamilton ( 1922-) Scottish Composer
* Ian Keith Ballantine ( 1916-1995) – American book publisher
* Ian Mcleod ( 1912-1970) – British Statesman
* Ian Smith ( 1919-) Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia
* Ian Douglas Hamilton ( 1944-) British Zoologist
* Ian Brown ( Feb. 20, 1963) group called Stove Roses
* Ian Curtis ( July 15, 1956) group called Joy Division
* Ian Somerhalder ( Dec. 18, 1978) actor
* Scott Ian ( Dec. 31, 1963) rhythm guitarist called Anthrax
* Ian Anderson ( June 20, 1934) Jethro Tull
* Janis Ian ( April 7, 1951) singer
* Ian Holm (Sept. 12, 1931) Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings
* Ian McEwan ( Jan. 21, 1948) author of “Ending Love” and “Atonement”
* Ian “Beefy” Botham – former English Cricketer
* Ian Miller (John Corbett) in “My Big Fat Greek”
* Ian Chesterton, fictional character in “Doctor Who”

– Actors: Ian McKellan, Duncan, Holm, Jacklin, Ziering
– Football: Ian Allen, Gold, Scott, Smart
– Musicians: Ian Ashbury, Ian Moore
– Marathon Runner: Ian G. Bloomfield
– Organic Chemistry: Ian Heilbron
– Pro Hockey Players: Ian Laperriere, MacNeil, Moran
– Pro Soccer Players: Ian Pearch (English), Ian Walker (English)
– PGA Tour Golfer: Ian Poulter
– American Idol: Ian Holmes II semi-finalist 4th season

Celebrity Babies
Ian, child of Barbara Cartland ( writer of romance novels), John Lithgow (Third Rock From the Sun), Keith Ian, child of John Carradine, Ian, children of Kate Mulgrew, Nicholas Coster, Zbigniew Brzezenski.

Ian Facts and Fun Information

*  M. Ian Phillips is Norris Professor of Keck Institute where he has made stem cells for chronic disease such as hypertension and failing hearts with the “Vigilant Vectors” system.

*  Ian Smith is a leading on-line writer of wine retailers.

*  Ian McCaw was named Director of Athletics, July 15, 2002.

*  Ian’s Retro Tiles are made with images of cities from Tiles Sim City 2000 to view on MacIntosh.

*  A secure knot has been made called “Ian’s Secure Knot” for shoelaces.

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