Games People Play the name Game the Blame Game and the Shame Game

Well everyone has had their share of the blame game, shame game and name game. As children growing up, everyone has faced bullying and being bullied. You had your share of name-calling and being blamed for things that you did or did not do. Now that most are grown and realize right from wrong, everyone tries to help people that are now going through this misfortune.

First, people that play the name game realize how much damage and effect they have on people. When someone goes around all day calling others names and putting them down all the time, the person being talked about over time becomes depressed and eventually you cause them to lower their self- esteem. Now over you calling this person name after name you have ruined them emotionally. We don’t realize that what we say out of our mouths takes a toll on others. There is only so long that people can hold in their anger and  a lot of people have their lives taken from what started as something as simple as being called a name. A name that at one time people thought was just a joke; something to make others laugh, but while you and others were laughing, someones life was crashing down.

When people are made fun of they feel that they are nothing, like they don’t matter, when everyone matters! they feel as if they aren’t loved. That feeling is not a good feeling; they want so bad to be happy but just can’t because the little words that were meant to be a joke took a toll on them and they can’t get it out of their heads.

Now when it comes to the blame game, well that’s just a sorry way to try to make others pay for your mistakes. If you are grown enough to do something and get in trouble for it, you need to be grown enough to take the responsibilities of your own actions, why blame other people for your mistakes, that doesn’t make you grown at all. Don’t get involved with the wrong people or activities because its not right to play the blame game.

Be an adult be wise, think before you make your own choice. Don’t do anything if you know the outcome will not be good, don’t waste your time ruining your life, when you can be using your time to better your life.

Don’t lower others self-esteem, or put them down because everyone is equal and no one is better then the next person.