Discussion on the Ramifications of Opinion

About Opinions?

I suppose some of you may have heard the derogatory saying about Opinions, which I’ll omit here for those faint of heart. I admit, I couldn’t help feeling a little cynical about the subject of Opinions when first I glossed over this Site but having thought about it and seems perhaps I’ve jumped the gun because of my own preconceived notions of what other people think and the troubles I’ve seen caused.

I’m sure there are those out there who may have some inkling as to the subject they are discussing but most (and I include myself.), must draw from a vast array of synoptic impulses derived from our past experiences, misinformation, greed (as in, I may receive some form of compensation for this Article?), arrogance and the ever present Draw of well spoken Blarney.

So when we read each other’s Articles, where does that leave us? Of course we can try that “Grain of Salt,..” thing but for some inherent reason, perhaps, because we are all insecure to a point where our thoughts fail to enlighten, Opinions mean the World to Us!
So What if the advice is born of ignorance, “I say, get the implant!” or one’s opinion is Untruthful in the Extreme? You ask, “Am I Fat?” They reply, “Noooo,..” Most often then not, we feel relieved to hear another’s take on a subject without taking action, not even considering doing what they say. We’re just content to hear the words, smile and think, “Idiot!”

So then, is an opinion a Lie? I don’t think so? Actually, I think it goes much deeper. I think an opinion is a self-fulfilling outlet for man (or Woman.) to feel a part of something, in some way that is significant to the individual. For some, say the obnoxious, it gives a sense of power to Lord it over others! To feel superior. For the Mild Mannered, it allows a cushion to fall on with friends and family when the harsh truth may be too much to bare. And it allows us all the means to teach the young and meek a learning experience to help them transition into a Society and Culture that may not have all the answers but,

So now it seems that opinions have beneficial ramifications for our Society? What I had first intended as a rant on trusting advice however given?,..Now may change a few of my initial preconceptions? True, some annoying Know-it-All will on occasion, make you Angry or insult your intelligence but I guess the questions to ask oneself now is, Are You taking everything he is saying into consideration? (Regardless of how you may feel about the source!) Are they Correct? Can you learn anything from this? Or,..

If you’re the one giving the opinion, is it to enlighten or harm or to fulfill your own need to share with others? These and questions of your own are all good to consider before and during the advent of an opinion. They affect the outcome of any given view and it’s important that the opinion maker in all of us can recognize any adverse or negative agenda?

But in the End, regardless how careful or angry or cynical we may be, I think we all find ourselves looking for an outlet for our voice to be heard in a society that sometime looks past, over or around us and whether we know what the Hell we’re talking about or not, good or bad, right or wrong, isn’t that what an Opinion Really Is?