Behind the name Priscilla

BEHIND THE NAME – PRISCILLA Phoenetic Pronunciation: prih-SlH-luh Priscilla is an English female name derived from the Latin priscus (old). One suggestion is that is intended to bestow long life on the bearer. Priscilla is a name given in the New Testament. St. Prisca was an early Christian who was married to Aquila and they

Assessing Happiness in America

Dear Readers, I live in a town called “Little Chicago.” North Platte, Nebraska. Here there is at least one suicide a week. A meth lab recently blew up. We have drugs all over. There is violence, and even murder. Heard of the Ochoa case? Alisha Ochoa was fifteen years old, She and her “Emotionally, Physically,

Decision Making Making Decisions Decisions Decision Making Process Problem Solving

Decisions are all around us and we make them on a daily basis. Some decisions are minor and some are life changing. Every decision that we make will affect us in some way, either positively or negatively. Many of our daily decisions we make without much thought. These decisions involve issues like what we are

Things we should Remember when we Meet a Mentally Challenged Person

I spent the last ten years working at a mental health facility. During that time I met many people with varying levels of mental retardation and other personality disorders. What many people don’t realize is that mentally challenged people come in all sizes, shapes and personalities. Some are borderline, meaning chances are good that you

Naming a Baby Son Luke

The name Luke is deeply entrenched in religion and the Catholic Faith, as the name Luke has be deified many times over. Gender –   Masculine Pronunciation –  Lewk or Look Etymology Luke has several meanings depending on the country. It is the English translation for the Latin name Luca meaning “light”, or a “bringer

Being Optimistic

Seeing the world half empty or half full is too black and white. How about asking what day of the week it is first, then I can give you a better idea. Most days recently, the glass has been half full. When things are going well for me and my family, all lose ends are

Two Wrongs – No

This isn’t a hard question. Two wrongs never make a right. In fact, two wrongs should be twice punished. Maybe then the offender(s) might get it right the next time. The origin of this English language adage is based on the attempts of leaders of state and children to excuse their bad behavior by claiming

Saying yes when you really want to say no – Yes

Do you always say yes when you really want to say NoI learned the No word a lot while growing up, I would ask if I could go to a party with my friends and my parents always said No, it was really easy for them to say No. I don’t know why it is

Good Versus Evil Inherent Goodness Good Evil Human Goodness Human Nature – No

One of the hardest issues that we have to wrestle with and eventually face is the reality of human goodness. Everywhere we look, we see the impact of evil and wrongdoing all around us. Each new day brings us news of violence in our streets and in the homes down the street. The abuse of

Is it better to be Interesting or useful – Useful

The person who proposed this topic is very clever and I’m surprised this even appears as issue requiring any debate. In my opinion, it is far better to be useful than interesting. Persons who are useful will always attract interesting people. Interesting people may or may not attract useful people. Or another way of looking

Mistakes Overcoming the Past Moving beyond Mistakes Human Error Personal Development Growth

The old saying is true, “Everyone makes mistakes.” There is not a single person on the planet that has not made a mistake. It is a common thread that runs through everyone’s life. We are victim to the reality of human error. Have you ever wondered why we make mistakes? No one is perfect No

Random Acts of Kindness Pay it Forward

Years ago I started thinking about the Lenten season, and what it’s supposed to mean those few days before Easter. Traditionally, we will give up a thing, or some pleasure that we take for granted every day. This was all fine and good. We spent the next 40 days doing without chocolate, sugar, or peanut

Two Wrongs never Make a right Difference between right and Wrong – No

Do Two Wrongs Make a Right? Can two wrongs ever make a right? The answer would have to be absolutely not. Philosophers and theologians have wrestled with the question of right and wrong for centuries. So it is safe to say that, the moral issue of doing right is not a new social or personal

Courage or Wisdom which is more Important – Wisdom

Too often what is read as courage is actually fear. When we become afraid our wisdom is often over powered by the possibility of death and this can lead of unpredictable fearful behavior. Eight years ago while working as Director of Education of a youth organization, I received a call from a friend; I will call her

Conscience and Moral Decision Making Sociopaths let your Conscience be your Guide Adam Kahn – Help

OUR CONSCIENCE HELPS US WHEN MAKING MORAL DECISIONS. Well- publicized author of the book “Self-Help That Works”, Adam Kahn, says this about Socio-paths: “…. there are far more sociopaths leading ordinary lives. Chances are you know a sociopath. I say “ordinary lives,” but what they do is far from ordinary. Sociopaths are people without a

Morals in Todays Society Moral Obligation – No

We, personally, might be obligated to be moral, however, our standards of what is right and wrong could be different than someone else’s We cannot push our opinions and desires on others. They have the right to choose, whether it be a good or bad choice. Morals has to do with common standards of what

Finding Strength through Admitting Weakness

Admitting fault does not make you a weaker person. In fact, you cannot become stronger until you recognize and address your weaknesses. Confession and altar calls are some of the ways that traditional Christian churches accomplish this. Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve-step group use the steps for the same purpose. Particularly Step Four and Step

Finding myself

Write youIt’s a long and winding path to discovering who you really are. I’ve hit many bumps and potholes along my journey. Some choices I’ve made have been good, where others were complete and utter mistakes, of which I’ve learned a great deal. Let me share my story. My parents were divorced before I was