Tips for Reviving and Achieving your Resolutions

People make resolutions with the best intentions at heart. It makes no difference what the resolution is, at some point, most people lose that drive to fulfill it. Do not throw in the towel just yet, with a little creativity and determination, you can get back your drive to follow through with those resolutions.

*Write it down. Throw away the original resolution(s) and start with a fresh piece of paper. Write down each resolution and why it is important to you. Put real thought into your list, remember why you originally made the resolution(s) in the first place.

*Set realistic goals. It is easy to say you want to do something, it is another matter altogether on how you go about achieving it. Break the resolution(s) down into smaller, realistic goals. Then write down how you can reach each of those goals. By breaking it down into smaller goals and listing the steps to take to reach those goals, you will take part of the stress out resolution fulfillment.

*Track your progress. It can be very motivating to see, in black and white (or pink or blue…) the progress you have made toward completion of each smaller goal. Another suggestion: cross off each goal as you complete it. It can be very encouraging to see each goal get crossed off one by one. This is your proof to yourself that you really are getting closer to fulfilling your resolution(s).

*Display your goals and progress. This is possibly the best motivation of all. Place your goals where you can see them everyday when you wake up, display your progress next to your goals or in another location in your home. The point is to have them both where you can easily see them each day. No cheating and placing either one behind the door in the coat closet!

*Pep talk. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror everyday. Remind yourself that you are worth the effort it will take to follow through with your resolution(s). This tip might sound silly to you, however, daily affirmations and a positive attitude can make even the most daunting tasks just a little bit easier to handle for most people.

Resolutions are a good idea when first thought about, but can become almost a chore after awhile. Sometimes life gets in the way, or people simply lose the drive to want to follow through with their resolutions. By being creative and setting realistic goals, resolutions are easier to complete than you may think.