The model woman is you

Society sets high unattainable expectations for the modern woman. The standard is so unachievable that many women who strive to be the model woman ashamedly meet with failure. This creates an undue stress and shame that no woman should be forced to endure. The truth is there is not a model woman that all women should pattern themselves after, there is only the woman you need to be and that is precisely being who you are.

Thus, the model woman is yourself. You are off the hook. You do not need to look in the mirror or evaluate your life thinking of your favorite TV celebrity or the view espoused by the woman who writes like she has it all together in the latest women’s magazine. You are free to be you. 

Who are you? That is the question that lends itself to solving who you are to be. What are your strengths? Celebrate those strengths, and work on them. Don’t focus so much on your weaknesses. Be who you are. If you are a great cook, but not so great at organizing the house, seek help from your family on organizing the house and put more time into your culinary skills. If you are a career woman, enjoy being who you are. If you are an at-home mom, be an at- home mom. 

Don’t use other women as the standard of who you should be. You know when you need to adjust something in your life. If you are not kind to your children or your husband, you know that needs correcting. You know that’s not the real you. You don’t need to compare yourself to another. If you are an artist, but you find yourself as a banker because that’s where the money is at, take stock of your priorities. Who are you? Be who you are. 

Maybe you are an awesome helper, so you are working at a job you do not enjoy because you are helping your family by doing so. This is being who you are. Unless you are doing it because of obligation rather than the joy of helping, then maybe it isn’t who you are, and that’s okay.

The real you is the one that is not bound by anyone else’s “shoulds” for your life. If you are accustomed to doing what others say you “should” do, even if you aren’t so sure, you have the case of the “shoulds.” Be free. Do what you know is right and good and do not be bound by what others expect of you, especially when those expectations hurt rather than help. If you feel a burden, it probably isn’t the right way to go. If you feel unburdened and free, you have probably found yourself. 

The model woman, is the real you. This means each and every woman needs only to be herself. The job of womanhood just got easier. Enjoy your new-found freedom.