The Characteristics of a Good Woman

Wouldn’t the answer to this question would differ greatly in accordance with whom is being asked? Who is to say which answer is correct? The opinion of one may be the complete opposite of another. The key word here is opinion. In past, old-fashioned society, the view of a woman’s role differs from present day society’s view. On the other hand, a great many people continue to hold traditional views, therefore the answers and opinions to this question have just become broader and more complex over time.

Allow me to paint you a picture. Traditionally, a good woman would be a nurturing caregiver. First, nurturing to the needs of her husband-physically and emotionally. She would be a homemaker, spending the days doing household chores and running errands. She would know how to do several things well, including cleaning, sewing and cooking. A “good woman” would have the house tidied, the laundry cleaned and pressed, and a hot plate of food on the table when her husband got home from his day of hard work. She would be waiting at the door, primped and pretty, ready with a kiss and hug. She would be ready to satisfy his sexual needs whenever he desired. She would do as she was told and ask no questions.

After playing the role of a nurturing wife would come the role of a nurturing mother. This role would not replace the other, but just add to it. A good woman would continue to accomplish her wifely duties and now also be the main caregiver of the children. She would make sure that the children were always bathed, fed, and learning what was necessary. Although she would be the one to enforce the rules while her husband was at work, he would be the one to set the rules and limits that she and the children would follow.

Although to some, the role of a woman has not changed much, to others it has changed drastically. It is now acceptable for a woman to be well educated and have a successful career. It is acceptable for a woman to decide not to marry, and even not to have children. It is acceptable for a woman to have children without being married, and sometimes without even having a partner at all. Woman now have much more freedom in their sexuality without being judged for it. The world has come to the realization that women are strong, and very capable to stand on their own. No longer does a woman have to fall into the roles of wife and mother to be a good woman, nor does a woman need a man in order to have a fulfilling life.

Today, an opinion of a good woman could be a successful woman that values her career. A loving affectionate woman who is completely secure with her own sexuality. An independent woman who knows what she wants in life. A woman who does not stand for anyone telling her what to do or pushing her around. A woman who does not feel the need to have children.

Some of these characteristics are the opposite of the favored characteristics of long ago. To some, a good woman may have an even mix of the two painted pictures of a woman. Or others may prefer one extreme end of the spectrum or the other. No matter what the view, there can never be any correct or incorrect answer to this question. What one person wants in a woman is different from what another may want, and that is okay. I believe that is why there are so many different, unique and original people in this world. Everyone can find someone that fits the profile they are seeking. The power of choice is a wonderful thing.