Ten Mistakes People Make

Make no mistake about it: we all make mistakes. Our mistakes may be small ones, or huge blunders.They may be immediately evident, or only apparent with the benefit of hindsight. They may be serious, or even comical.

Below is a (somewhat subjective) list of ten mistakes. A small sample, given the variety that’s out there!

1. Too much sharing of information/lack of discretion

Providing “too much information” in a public setting is a common mistake. Whether you are on a crowded bus talking on a cell phone, or updating your page on a social networking website, you need to be mindful of what you are divulging.

The world does not care that you dunk your fries into your milkshakes, nor need to know what antics you have planned for the bedroom.

Discretion and good judgment are very important. Do not express or reveal anything on-line that you wouldn’t want a potential employer, or romantic interest, to discover.

2. Forgetting manners and basic courtesies

Yes, we need to remember to say “please” and “thank you”. We also need to remember to look at people when we are speaking to them.

These are very simple things, but they make a big (and positive) difference in terms of how we relate to other people.

3. Being too serious

With the demands of everyday life, and our very busy schedules, we often forget to have fun – to let our “hair down” – and be silly once in a while.

It does us the world of good, both physically and mentally, to rediscover fun and laughter.

Maybe we should turn off the evening news now and again, and watch comedies instead.Or take the family down to the park to play ball.

4. Smoking around children, and/or smoking whilst pregnant

We have a choice. They don’t.

5. Complaining too much and complimenting too little

I once saw a sign behind the counter in a restaurant, reminding the staff that a happy customer will tell one person; while an unhappy customer will tell everyone they know.

While that might be taking things to extremes, the basic idea seems to have merit.A lot of us have no qualms about making complaints.Too few of us make a point of noting good service.

We have problems with the workers who came to install our white goods?We make a phone call or write a letter. We think the workers did a great job and were well trained? We may think about making a call or writing a letter, but do we ever get around to doing so?

Praise someone on a job well done, and not only do we make them feel good, we also encourage more good work.

6. Buying bottled water when tap water is available and perfectly OK to drink

This is a great way for us to waste our money.And of course, the world needs more plastic…

7. Comparing ourselves to unfavorably to famous people/Body image issues

This is not just a problem for teenage girls.It can be an issue for women and men of all ages.The images we see on billboards and in magazines are not realistic.Remember this word:airbrushing.

Remember also that many of those we aspire to emulate have personal trainers and stylists working very hard for them.

(And if you want to feel a bit better, get your hands on a magazine with a feature on “stars without make-up”.)

8. Being “trashy”

Not what you think!Too many people are still not doing the right thing with their trash.

Hence, there is a continuing problem – trash choking our streets, woodlands, and waterways.Collectively, we need to show our environment more respect.

9. Wearing socks with sandals.

Enough said!

10. Being too concerned about what other people think

It is very easy for us to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what others will think of our choices and actions. In most cases, is that worry really warranted?

Be honest with yourself. Whose opinions matter to you, and whose don’t?

Can’t afford to keep up with the redecorating habits of the flashy neighbors three doors down?Don’t stress. If they don’t like your style, that’s their problem!

Fashion always goes in cycles, anyway. (Except for socks with sandals!)