Life Half Full Half Empty

Listen up! The world is as full as you make it. Yes, you may have went through a divorce, been abused, and left behind. Still hope for a new beginning, may be right around the corner. Life is short, are words we seem to heae a lot. This is true, and as we grow older, and look back, we find many regrets. We all have said, from time to time,”I wish I would have done that situation differently.” When we think things like this, this is when we’re saying to ourselves, that life is half empty. If we would have thought of it as half full, what good thing might have happened.

If this, if that, are common bad word choices. When, we start trying to communicatate with someone, and the first word out of our mouth is’If’, we’re off to a bad start. Nobody takes people serious, who use this word. This poor word choice speaks loudly about your character. If you think your cup is half empty, then it is. If you know your cup of life is half full, it is.

Life is what you make it. Do you want a better job? Do you want to be a great writer? Better, not even think the word,’If’. Positive people ,sense other positive people. Many positive people chose some kind of sales department job to go into. This usually is because, positive people are informative people, and have the desire to expand their minds. Negative people who think their cup is half empty, would never be a good sales representative. Think about it, if you chose to be a person, that tends to carry negative emotions, others will sense this too. Nothing positive will happen.

I’ve sold many products in my life. I had to make people believe in me, and the products I was selling. This can only be done by someone who believes ,their cup is half full. One person told me once,I could sell anything, even a turd. This lady, in her own way ,was telling me, she believed in me, to be able to sell anything I believed in. This left me with the feeling, that my cup would always feel, as full as I wanted it to be.

Make you a full cup of life, by thinking positive. Make every second count in every area of your life. Now! Thats a full cup.

Enjoy! You only have one chance in life, why not think positive and see where this wonderful world will take you.

I’ve had many misfortunes in my life. I chose to think of them as lessons, that make me the strong person I am today. I could have thought, of all the empty cups, that seem to be right in front of me. That type of thinking would never have directed me to Helium. I’ve made a conscious choice, to think. I’ll learn something new each day, and that I will share what I learn to help others tomorrow. My cup is completely full.