Liars can’t Handle the Truth Truth how to Deal with someone who can’t Handle the

The truth is very difficult to accept because it requires a person to be accountable for what is going on in their life. If a person chooses not to see what is going on, they don’t have to deal with it. This is a very destructive behavior and it can lead one down a path that is not only lonely but nothing in life will seem to go well. This behavior will make people say things that aren’t true, look at people from the wrong perspective and it creates selfish tendencies. If accepting the truth means compromising ones self indulgences they may strive to keep away from the truth. Heck, denying the truth will keep one free from being accused because their cop-out will be “I didn’t know”. How do you get real answers in life if you can’t reach a person because they refuse to deal with life? It is very difficult and it can become a problem for everyone else around that individual.

I didn’t know. Wow. How many times have we heard that statement? Many people who deny themselves of the truth walk around in a bubble. Know one ever knows what is really going on with them and they tune out what is going on around them. So it seems. Try helping someone in a bubble have a better quality of life, yet everything you say or do falls on deaf ears. I have had to deal with people who can’t face the truth and you know what? Their lives are stagnant. People don’t want to be bothered with them and they are always right.

Let’s talk about the positives of dealing with the truth no matter how good or how bad it gets. You won’t be living a lie. Dealing with issues will make you a stronger person and it will allow very valuable lessons to be learned. Everyone won’t appear to be against you and you will strive and become motivated to shoot for realistic goals that accommodate your situation. It will bring trust back into your life. Who can trust someone who lies all of the time? Then a person who lies cannot trust the people around them because every action is made off of false pretenses. So trust is very important.

Looking at you in the mirror and saying “This is what I need to change about me in order to grow and be successful” requires patience and thick skin. However it will also open up doors for solutions. Don’t be afraid to admit being wrong because you look defeated, don’t be afraid to deal with negative consequences because you don’t want to hear the backlash. Time heals all and before you know it, time will be up and your life will be a memory that people can do without.