Good Decision Making is a Skill that can be Learned

Decision making is a skill that can be learned when an individual is willing to take the time to gain the necessary skills. The ability to make the tough decisions demonstrates that you are willing to tackle the difficult issues.  Examine if you have had a history of being indecisive in the past, look for ways to break old patterns and habits. Learn to take the challenge to select the best option and move forward with your decision.

Good decision making is a skill that takes determination to gain the skill to look at all parts of an issue to come to resolution. The most important part of decision making requires you to first define the issue or situation that requires you to come up with a solution. Successful decision making includes identifying your goals and then concentrating on making the right decision. Your decision needs to  include a plan on how you are going to get commitment from the individuals affected by your decision.

Skillful decision making requires that you gather all the information you need to back up your decision. Keep your focus on those individuals involved in your decision, and then all individuals that will be affected by your final decision. A good rule of thumb to always remember is that people want to be involved in decisions that affect them. Listen to their ideas and opinions, but in the end it is your responsibility to show confidence that you have made the best decision possible.

Skillful decision making is the ability to use sound logic, because the people affected by your decision making will be more receptive when they understand why you made the decision. Keep up your guard that you do not manufacture or stretch the facts to support your decision, this is not sound decision making. Seek out close colleagues and run by your thoughts and identify any area of weakness in your decision. Do not be afraid to take risks, every decision always involves some risk taking. It is a skill to have the ability to recognize and take the risk that you need in the decision making process.

If you want to learn to make good decisions, you need to stay away from impulsive decision making. If you react too quickly before you have gathered all your facts, this can lead to poor decisions. Impulsive decisions are not effective because you have acted prematurely before your were ready to make a sound decision. Never rush, you need the facts and need to access that you fully understand the situation or problem. If someone is pressuring you into making a decision, stop and admit your are not ready. Define a time and date when you will be able to announce your decision, you need to take control.

Once you make a decision, you need to accept responsibility for your decision. If you appear defensive, it is a sign of weakness to the people involved in your decision and also those affected by your decision. You do not need to offer explanations and stay away from explaining your reasoning, You can always listen to what people are saying, but hold your ground. If it ends up that your decision was in error, deal with the outcome, learn from your mistakes and move on.

No individual can be perfect and always have the answers and most decisions are based in an environment of uncertainty and with some risk. Taking the calculated risks and getting as much information as possible is the path to help you make the best decision you are capable of. Good decision making is a skill that can be learned and improves with more exposure and experience. If you want to improve this skill, seek out all the opportunities that will strengthen this skill to become the individual that makes good and sound decisions.