Emotion Love Relationship

There is a great difference between emotional dependency and love. People who are in love accept their partners for who they are and do not try to change them. Love knows no limits and never judges. One who loves his/her partner will let him/her go and not force him/her to stay. People who are emotionally dependent on a partner will always try to keep their so-called ‘love’ to themselves and will not even want him/her to go out with friends for an evening.

People who are emotionally dependent on their lover will be very insecure and will not be able to live without that person. A person who is in love with their significant other will not have boundaries about the relationship but will be more secure about their partner’s love. Partners in love will give each other space as they understand that everyone gets tired and needs time to themselves sometimes. 

People who are emotionally dependent on their partners generally have very little self-esteem. They will depend on their partners to make them feel good about themselves. These emotionally dependent people get jealous and very insecure when their partner goes out and talks to another member of the opposite sex. Emotionally dependent people may also check their partners phones and suspect that the partner is cheating.

People in love will value their partner and not try to use the one that they are in love with. People in love generally love themselves and this is how they attract a healthy and long-lasting relationship. People in love will give their partners space. A small amount of jealously is healthy in any relationship but emotionally dependent people will also want their partner to cut off all ties with close family members.

People in love will try and help each other grow. They will accept each others faults and defects and pick one another up in difficult times. Emotionally dependent people may be confused about their relationship with their partner as they are mainly thinking of their own selfish desires and may not be strong enough to support a partner in times of need. Emotionally dependent people are also more likely to end the relationship or be unhappy in a present relationship.

People in love will consider the other person’s needs and they know that love is a ‘give and take’ affair. People in love will not do anything intentionally to hurt their partner and they will not blame their partner for their downfall. Emotionally dependent people generally blame their partners for their situation in life.