Do you see the World from the Half Empty or Half Full Perspective – Half Full

For me, the answer is simple, I see the World from the half full perspective. Why? Because based upon my life experiences thus far, I have come to the conclusion, the realization, that every single person on this planet is significant, that each and every one of us has a purpose, and “if” that purpose is discovered, and pursued, the possibilities for advancement, for creativity, for enlightenment, for contributing to enriching Our World and Our family of man appear without limit.

Stop and think back for a moment to the last time you witnessed someone completely “in their element, doing what they knew they were meant to do (ie. singing, teaching, painting, crunching numbers, designing skyscrapers, saving lives, finding cures, orbiting the Earth, assisting others in need, etc.)”, you were captivated and mesmerized by their brilliance! It was a joy to witness, to experience and share that which they gave to us.

Such experiences fuel the fire that lies within us all to seek out our purpose, to find it, to fully comprehend it, embrace it, and then to pursue it with all our mind and heart. How could the World, Our World not benefit? Imagine the excitement, the endless possibilities of that which could be achieved with such positive thinking and action.

We are all significant, we have a purpose! I encourage you to find yours, to pursue yours as if your life depended upon it (because it does), and then to enjoy and marvel at all the wonderful things that happen as a result.

Put another way, think of our individual purpose as “this little light of yours”, let it shine as brilliant as the Sun for all the World to see! Would not We all be the better for it, would not Our World? Of course We would!

It’s choice, pure and simple; choose to participate, get busy, discover your purpose, and go for it, do that which you were meant to do, live your life and Our World will be the better for it!

Purpose, dream of that which you will accomplish, pursue it with mind and heart in full measure overcoming any obstacle and experience life as it was meant to be experienced. Live! Life is awesome! Experience each moment to the best of your ability and your rewards will be incredible!

“Half full” is a reminder of the opportunity each and every one of us has, the opportunity to choose life, the life we were meant to live!

Don’t you deserve it? Don’t We deserve it? Doesn’t Our World deserve it? Of course We do! Now is the time, shall We begin?