Characteristics of a Good Woman Relationships

What are the characteristics of a ‘good woman?’ The answer may differ depending on who you ask. Women may have a different answer than men. Older people may answer differently than the younger crowd.

When we talk about the qualities of a good woman we are not talking about beauty, brains, or bucks. We are talking about the things that make a person who they are. The things that make others consider them a person worth knowing, a person worth spending time with.

The phrase ‘salt of the earth’ comes to mind, but a woman need not be the down-home type to be a good person. No matter where a woman hails from, all who qualify have certain things in common.

A woman should be sensible. To know what matters in the long run. Dealing with ‘crazy stuff’ every day is a burden not many people want to deal with. Does it make sense to continue to do a thing that has failed in the past? Let go; move on.

A woman should be dependable. To know she will do what she promises. To know she will do what needs to be done, even if it is unpleasant.

A woman should be trustworthy. Whether we’re talking about paying the bills or keeping your secrets. How can you confide in a person who tells all to her best friend?

A woman should be loyal. Someone who won’t trash you to her friends, or step out with yours. To know that even if the rest of the world turns away from you, she’s got your back.

A woman should be supportive. Someone to lean on even if you won’t admit you sometimes need to. Someone to tell you things will work out better next time.

A women should be patient. A gentle reminder, even more than once if necessary, but no nagging. Some things take time and knowing the difference between pacing yourself and being lazy is important.

A woman should be calm. To face the daily up and downs with equal grace. To be able to take disappointing news without falling apart and making things worse.

A woman should be honest. She will let you know where you stand, good or bad. Life is easier if you’re not always guessing. When you ask her what’s wrong, she won’t answer, “Nothing.”   She will tell you.

A woman should be tender hearted. Tease her for crying over sad movies if you must, but be glad she does. Don’t complain if she picks up strays, after all, she brought you home!

A woman should be independent. To have a mind and opinions of her own. Someone who doesn’t always need taken care of. Someone who can take care of you if needed.

A woman should be forgiving. To not hold a grudge, even though she may never forget. She will forgive you for missing her birthday even though it hurts her feelings. This characteristic will save you much grief, don’t abuse it!

When it comes down to it, the characteristics that make a good woman are basically the same ones that make a good person. Being a good cook and keeping a nice home are also important, but it’s characteristics of the heart that really count.