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Have you ever caught yourself thinking ‘if only I had X then I’d be able to do Y and I’d feel Z’? 

Fill in your own XYZ for this sentence but it might have been something like this: ‘when I have lost 50lbs/found that perfect pair of shoes/purse/promotion/partner then I’ll be able to look great/earn the money I deserve/go to dinner with friends without feeling like a loser.  And then I’ll be happy/fulfilled/satisfied.’

It’s a common way of thinking because it’s one we’re brought up with.  We’re taught to work hard at school (the doing bit) because then you will have a good job and you’ll be successful.  We’re a goal-oriented society so we put the goal first and work what we think is a logical path to get to it.

In the early 20th century a businessman named Charles Haanel turned this concept on its head.  He revealed the secrets of his considerable success in his book ‘The Master Key System’ and be-do-have was one of those secrets. 

So if you want to know what’s inspired famous college drop-out Bill Gates and hundreds of other successful people, read on.

A new concept.

In order to learn, or come to terms with a new way of thinking we need to unlearn an old one.  So suspend any ‘no buts’ or ‘yes buts’ and open your mind to approaching the challenges that you feel are holding you back.  The ones that make you think ‘if only…’ or ‘when I/we have…’.

When we reverse the Have-Do-Be idea, we end up with Be-Do-Have.

So who do you need to BE in order to DO the things you need to do so that you can HAVE what you want to have?

Some examples.

If you want to lose weight, current thinking is about eating less (having) and exercising more (doing) so that you can have a slimmer/healthier shape and be happy.

But what about being a slim person right now? Think yourself into the mind of a slim/healthy person and act accordingly: what is a slim person’s relationship with food; what do they choose to eat?  What would they eat and how would they exercise?  And as a result of that thinking, what do they have?  That’s right, a slim/healthy body.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions you may need to do some research – ask slim friends, watch slim people when they eat in restaurants or buy food at the market and read books like Paul’s McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’.

Another example is smoking.  How does a non-smoker’s thinking differ from that of a smoker?  When you say to yourself (and really believe) that you are now a non smoker, then you start to behave accordingly and find you’re healthier and wealthier because you haven’t been smoking!  Celebrated author Allen Carr uses this principle in his bestselling book, ‘Easy Way to Stop Smoking’.

So you want to be a millionaire?  No problem.  How does a rich person think about money?  How do they dress and behave?  How do they define their wealth?

Ask Bill Gates and he probably won’t think of his money as his primary defining point of ‘richness’ – he’ll probably say that he has a wonderful family, lives in a peaceful country, has food to eat every day, clean water and a roof over his head (albeit a large roof).

So you can see that wealth is a relative term – someone living in the poorest part of the poorest neighbourhood has more wealth than someone living in war-torn state in the developing world.

And on a more practical level, if you want that promotion or your boss’s job then you need to dress the part, be thinking like the boss or one step ahead of him/her.  Your attitude to your co workers and other bosses needs to tell them that you’re serious about your work.  Be proactive, be useful, be a good team player, be positive – attitude is the key to this.  Then do the work you’re paid to as well as you possibly can.

The successful person doesn’t wait until the results show – they are that person right now.

When it doesn’t work.

There’s a lot of injustice in the world – the hormones that get in the way of easy weight loss; the addictive personality that makes you smoke; the company that doesn’t recognise your hard work and dedication.

While Be-Do-Have isn’t a quick fix or a simple solution, sometimes the gods laugh at us and put hurdles in our path.

Consider whether you’ve been impatient with what you want – are you looking for the ‘have’ while slipping out of ‘being’ and ‘doing’?

Also do you need to be more flexible with your outcomes?  Is losing 100lbs when you have a physical problem that prevents you from exercising really realistic?

Do you need to be the person who enjoys the moment and loves life just as it is and is grateful for it?

Successful people.

Successful people – in which ever field they choose – must BE a person who goes through their day as if they were already a successful person.  This is the ‘act as if’ principle.

They make decisions over food, exercise, business etc that a successful person would.  And if they’re the wrong decisions they have the can-do attitude to take the actions to make things right.

The successful person makes decisions based on his goals.

If you want to be that person, you can use Be-Do-Have to create the success you’re looking for.