Annoying Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so naturally it’s also the most miserable. Despite the festivities (or because of them, in some cases) Christmas proves a giant nuisance for most participants, for a variety of reasons. Here are the top among them.

– First, and most important of the lot, it’s a gift-giving season. You need to show your loved ones how much you care by filling their laps with brightly-decorated, carefully wrapped presents. It’s a sound policy: the spending of money on a present is a decent sign that you at least care a little bit. With this comes some major headaches, however, as you not only need to come up with a present idea – not always an easy task – you need to head out into the crowded world and fetch it. The cost of dozens of presents adds up, as well, so your bank account will be all the poorer by the end of Christmas.

– Second, going along with the gift-giving, it’s crowded. The stores get crazy near Christmas because everyone is scrambling for gifts, especially when you get closer and closer to the actual day. As such even those poor saps who got their shopping done early will still have to put up with lines, as most major stores are consistently busy and fraught with crabby customers and long lines.

– Third, still with the gift-giving, the actual unveiling of the gift can prove a nuisance. Most people are gracious and happy about the gifts they receive. Some, however, will treat your choice of present with disdain, completely ignoring all the hard work you put into your choice. Kids are especially bad at this, throwing presents to the side to look for something else instead. Thinking ‘Hey, at least I tried’ usually isn’t enough to make you feel better about this treatment, either.

– Fourth, it’s a season of cleaning the house for guests. Food must be prepared, rooms dusted and vacuumed, house coated in lights. To have a ‘proper’ Christmas you need everything to look just right, and if it doesn’t, well…

– Fifth, Christmas comes associated with some rather annoying traditions. Christmas carols. The tree. The whole Christmas dinner thing. Mistletoe. If you dislike any of these little Christmas staples you’ll find the process in general all the more dreadful.

– And, sixth, Christmas is a time of travel – hectic travel, what with all the fellow passengers – that’s usually packaged with bad weather. If you need to go see family in another state you may be driving for several hours, and doing so in terrible weather. Yet you’re OBLIGED to do so, because, y’know, it’s Christmas. Go on, risk your life for that dinner already.

If there’s any consolation to all these problems it’s that Christmas only comes once a year – though, unfortunately, the lead-up to the event is one or two months. But at least the other ten months are nuisance free, right?