Finding inner Peace

You can read all the books available on inner peace but you’ll never find it until you stop taking life so seriously. Life is just flying by and we’re all trying to accomplish so much and be so wonderful that we forget to just enjoy the small things.

You spend you so many of your years trying to make a difference in the world that you forget that by just being a good person and taking care of those you love could be the most important thing you ever do. Do you realize that if everyone would focus on loving those that are dear to them and bringing those loved ones up to appreciate the love of each other and family that there would be no time for jealousy, greed, ambition and hatred. Let us take a moment to think of what we really have to offer and with this offer of love you will find peace.

Your days are numbered. No matter what you may wish for there is only so much time you have here on earth before your days will come to an end. If you look at what’s truly most important, you will realize that money and jobs, are meant only to provide food and shelter for your loved ones. You are able to give your family the love and guidance that lead to happiness. If your focus is on taking care of those loved ones and yourself, you will find inner peace.

If you know that when your time on earth is to come to an end and at that time you will go to from this place to a better one, you will have found inner peace. The day you can say I am not afraid to die, you will know you have found inner peace. It is a blessing to be able to live your life and have no fear of the ever after. What greater peace can you have than to be happy here, today and now and have no fear of tomorrow.

Finding inner peace is usually not found until we become older and realize that all those years we spent trying to impress our peers in school, impress our peers in the work force, etc. etc. meant nothing when it came to making those we love feel happy, loved and complete. If we did nothing more than feel our world with a little more love and happiness, we should know that we have succeeeded and find inner peace.