Country Living is the Life for me – Country

Personally I feel that living in the country would be paradise. However, it all depends on each individual. Young people tend to gravitate toward city life, because of all the activities available to them there. It is a fast paced lifestyle full of stress and chaos.

Living in the country has many things that a city can not offer. Peace and quite is one of them. It is a comforting lifestyle for those who do not like the wild party going, shopping spree, and entertainments of city life. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the country. Even city folk flock to the country and woods to camp out on vacations.

There is something close to nature in the country. Animals roam free in their own invirnoment. Dogs and cats can run around without being confined to an apartment or small yard. A lazy day at the fishing hole, or a day planting a garden is enjoyable for a person who prefers the country over the city.

There is still hard work to be done for farmers who are up with the crow of the rooster, and work till dusk. This hard manual labor is a reward in itself. It is exercise they don’t have to go to the gym to get. It is a healthy kind of work. Out in the open, out of the fumes of pollution.

Children are free to run and play at will. They climb trees, build tree houses, play with the dog, and learn a lot about nature. Taking a long walk in the fields, or the woods, beats going to a city park. There are usually small towns close by to pick up supplies, and maybe even take in a movie, or eat at a country style restaurant.

Joining a church allows for friendly interaction. Picnics and sewing bees are looked forward to. People in the country enjoy doing different things then those in the city. It doesn’t mean they don’t have fun. People gather to listen to local bands. Festivals and county fairs offer entertainment and enjoyment.

the fear of crime, violence and drive by shootings, is not a big concern. Everyone knows everyone else. When crime occurs, it is most likely that the citizens have a good idea of who did it.. There is always fear or concern that some stranger or drifter could pass through, and bring evil into the community.

In the country people tend to live a more old fashioned way of life. Canning fruits and vegetables, and using herbs to treat minor illnesses. Families tend to watch over the elderly closer, and children join 4-H clubs ,and have all the same opportunities as city children do. Living in the country to me is far more a quality of life that would suit me.