7 Steps to a better you

The first thing you need to do before reading any further is to welcome yourself to my realization…we are living in a “microwave” world. We spend top dollar on products that guarantee us weight loss or flawless skin in as little as two weeks. Some of us buy gym memberships, but either never go or stop going because the results aren’t instant. The bottom line is that we want what we want NOW, but the tragedy is that we seek out the worst sources for fast success.

There are many motivational speakers and therapists who will gladly give you the answers to all of your problems, but I’m not one of them. I’m the guy that’s been knocked down, but has gotten up again. I’ve had the blues, been sad, down in the dumps, and now I’m smiling. I’ve gone from “average” self esteem to low self esteem to no esteem and now I have an unwavering confidence in myself. A question you should ask yourself now is who is the best source to learn improvement from….someone who’s never had a bad day, or someone who’s seen the worst and has learned how to overcome it?


Hyenas are carnivores and scavengers that can make sounds of “laughter” to alert other clan members of food. What this means to you is that you should be careful of the company you keep. There are those among us who live to tear down the next person, or spread gossip about others, but there’s no room for this kind of negativity in a positive life. When you surround yourself with forward thinking and positive people, it’s easier for you to get positive result out of your life, but when you surround yourself with backstabbers and gossipers, you will only find yourself being the next victim to get laughed at and since hyenas are also known to be cannibalistic, you can expect to get torn down by negative people who posed as “friends”.


It is impossible to live in fear and doubt and expect to live the “good life”. Everyone should desire the best out of life, but you can’t get it if you always expect the worst to happen. On the same token, you can’t plant shiny, happy thoughts and then sit around and wait for goodness to come to you. For anyone to create the life that they want, you first have to plant the right seeds. Now for any sort of positive life that you may want, I know that confidence, perseverance, and a desire to learn have to be some of the first seeds that must be “planted” in your cerebral garden. The next step is to tend to these thoughts because there will be times that they’ll need to be watered with positivity in the midst of a drought of negativity and naysayers, This is the most important part of transforming your thoughts into reality because our thoughts are only pipe dreams unless we take action on them.


Liars and cheaters still exist and even prosper among us, but eventually we all come to the realization that we must pay for the life we live. Some may call it karma, but however you look at it, if we live deceptively, deception comes back to us. If we cheat those around us, we will be cheated. If we live a life full of lies, then how would those who know the false image of us react if they only knew the real us? When we are honest with ourselves and with others, we don’t have to worry about facades, covering up evidence, or even ponder exactly what story we told to who because everyone knows the same thing…the truth.


Our parents are normally our first teachers, but if we are able to use every lesson wisely, every one is a teacher to us and that goes for our kindergarten teacher to the homeless man at the stop light asking for change. The reason is that some people actively teach us things necessary to our benefit or survival while others teach us things we should or shouldn’t do simply by the actions that they take. If you want to become wealthy, then follow the actions of a wealthy man. On the same hand, if you want to live righteously, then do the exact opposite of a wrongdoer. Lessons and examples are seen and heard through our everyday lives so the only thing for us to do is learn from them and reap the education.


“If you don’t use it, you lose it!”. For me, it’s that simple because when we don’t use our muscles, we suffer from atrophy so it’s a safe assumption that mental atrophy is possible. When we “work out” our minds, we present it with new challenges and new ways of doing things. We seek out ways to break free of comfort zones and we become mentally tougher and stronger from the exercises of creativity and imagination.


The only way we can take aim at a goal is by putting our focus on it, but if we don’t take notice of our surroundings, we run the risk of letting outside influences distract us. There are those of us who constantly look behind them and watch the mistakes of their past only to either lose sight of their desires or to run into another mistake because they were paying attention to the wrong direction. For those of us who are intent on focusing on the present, we pay so much attention to the here and now that we forget the signs that foretell of a mistake that we’ve already made in the past, or we ignore the future so much that we end up not planning for it and the future becomes a problem in itself. Now for those who keep their plans in sight and work furiously towards them with reckless abandon can find themselves tripped up by present problems that went unnoticed. When we focus on the future, but take a look around at our present, we not only keep our plans on our minds, but we can also avoid the telltale signs of past distress and we can move around or move through present distractions and roadblocks.


This is one of the hardest steps for many to follow because it involves the most determination and the most sacrifice. As stated before, we want what we want NOW, but at times we end up living above our physical, emotional, or financial means and end up driving ourselves even deeper into debt. When we take diet pills, we run the risk of becoming dependent on the pill, slower metabolisms, or more weight gain once we stop taking the pills which all spell physical bankruptcy since we not only didn’t get close to our physical goals, but we regressed. Chances are you’re not where you want to be in life, but that doesn’t mean that you should take for granted what you have now because if you are ungrateful for the things you have now, having more will only make you more dissatisfied. Plus, if we manage what we have now and appreciate the little that we have now, then we will learn how to properly plan for more and we will have a deeper respect for the blessings that we get.