Why a Woman shouldn’t Propose Marriage to a Man

Most women remember their wedding proposal as one of the happiest moments of their lives. They tell the story over and over of how their beloved proposed. I have heard stories of happy brides who found diamond engagement rings in a glass of champagne or a hot fudge sundae. Marriage proposals have been offered over caviar in the finest five-star restaurants, over hot dogs at a ball game, and in hot air balloons soaring above the trees. Marriage proposals have been made with diamonds, rubies, pearls, sapphires, emeralds, and opals. There is something surreal about a romantic marriage proposal. Time slows down, and the earth stands still.

There are brides who have returned home to find their stairways carpeted in rose petals. In fact, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in her childhood home after strewing rose petals on the stairway. She gleefully said “yes” to an enormous pink diamond and told the story repeatedly for some time. Unfortunately, things did not work out for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, but the story of his fairytale proposal lives on.

A woman shouldn’t propose marriage to a man because she will ruin the power and magic that accompanies a surprise proposal. Sure, a woman could surprise her future husband with a romantic proposal, but it won’t have the same meaning for her. A traditional marriage proposal is far more romantic and memorable. I have never heard a romantic story of a woman proposing marriage to a man. Of course, a woman has the right to accept or reject the proposal. However, she should leave the proposing to the man in her life.

A woman should be treasured, and her marriage proposal should be the second-happiest day of her life (second only to her wedding day). It is a day when her partner should make her feel like a princess. There’s nothing wrong with being the center of attention once in awhile. Having a man get down on one knee to propose will make a woman feel like the most important person in the world.

Another reason why a woman should not propose to a man is the fear of rejection. Many men are slow to warm up to the idea of marriage. For these men, a surprise wedding proposal can seem unwelcome and scary. By waiting for a man to make the first move, a woman has less risk of the potential groom developing cold feet. It is better to wait for a proposal than to propose and receive a quick rejection.