Mothman encounters

Although there is no hard evidence to support the existence of the Mothman, the sheer number of reported sightings from around the world, over a long period of time from people of all ages and backgrounds should not be belittled. The Mothman is thought to be an entity which warns of or precedes impending disaster, trouble and danger rather than causing the events, and has been seen prior to events of tragedy across the globe.

Described as being a dark, shadowy creature, around seven feet tall with a wide wingspan and blazing red eyes, the Mothman has appeared periodically to people for centuries, from a noted report by soldiers during the Crimean War right up to a sighting as recently as 2007.

Xiaon Te Dam, South-Eastern China 1926

A figure resembling the Mothman was seen by people in the region of the Xiaon Te Dam in early January 1926, on the 19th January the dam collapsed and the resulting torrent of water destroyed entire villages in its path, over 15,000 people lost their lives in the disaster. Since then it is said the ‘man-dragon’ has been known as an oracle of doom.

Chicago, 1951

On May 5th, 1951, Chicago experienced a sizable earthquake, the only one since the city’s records began. Several days beforehand, people sailing on Lake Michigan reported a ‘large black creature’ bird-like in appearance flying around the skyline.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia 1966-67

By far the most well-known and documented series of Mothman sightings to date, many residents of the town of Point Pleasant witnessed the Mothman over the course of a year between November of 1966 and December 1967. The town’s Silver Bridge collapsed on 15th Dec., 1967, killing 46 local people when it sent cars plunging into the river below and the Mothman was never reported in Point Pleasant again after that. The story was famously made into a film ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ starring Richard Gere which was released in 2002 and was based on the 1975 book of the same name by John A. Keel who investigated the incidents.

Freiburg, Germany 1978

On the 10th Sept.,1978 disaster struck when the Freiburg mine collapsed. Twenty one miners who were due to work that day were apparently scared away upon seeing a Mothman type creature at the entrance of the mine which they called the ‘Freiburg Shrieker’. They reported a very loud screeching sound that went with it but did the Mothman save them from death by warning of the impending danger? Interestingly, following the incident many of the workers reported psychiatric problems.

Chernobyl, Ukraine 1985/86

Although many sceptics profess no recorded sightings occurred at the time, there are witness accounts from workers who claimed to see the Mothman in April 1985, over a year before the disaster occurred. They told of having nightmares leading up to the accident which happened on the 26th April, 1986, several people saw a ‘huge black bird’ circling in the resulting smoke escaping from reactor 4 after the explosion.

Minnesota, June 2007

Reports of the Mothman being seen on the 27th June, 2007 preceded the collapse of the I-35W Bridge on 1st Aug., 13 people were killed during rush-hour.

There are of course, more practical explanations of what people may have actually seen, Eagle Owls, Bats, Herons and Cranes have all been suggested as possible suspects. There is a theory amongst ufologists that the Mothman is, in fact alien but most schools of thought tend towards the creature being more paranormal than crypto-zoological.

Finally the fact that the Mothman could just be a figment of people’s imagination or a case of mass-hysteria is also possible; however this in itself is still a fascinating occurrence worthy of acknowledgment and study.