Christmas Superstitions Myths

Of all the holidays, Christmas is quite possibly the most steeped in superstition, more so possibly even than Halloween. Why then does Christmas not bring to mind a wealth of superstitions? They have been cleverly wrapped over the years so to appear as simple tradition. The Christmas Superstition page will share with you some of the superstitions we practice today without even knowing it.

 Here is just a small sampling of some of the many superstitions surrounding Christmas:

 *Superstitions about the Christmas Tree:

*-A Christmas tree should never be thrown out doors or it will attract evil spirits and goblins. Christmas trees should be burned.

*-Failing to decorate a Christmas Tree will cause spring to never come, but bad luck and evil spirits instead.

*-Decorating a Christmas tree with apples will bring good luck

 *Superstitions about Christmas Decorations:

*-A candle or lamp must be burned all night on Christmas Eve or there will be a death in the home.

*-Mistletoe should never be brought into the home before NewYear’s Eve.

*-Christmas decorations must be entirely taken down before the twelfth night after Christmas or goblins and bad luck will come.

*Superstitions about Christmas Foods:

*-One portion of the Christmas cake must be saved for Christmas day, and one for New Year’s or bad luck will come the following year.

*-Christmas cake must also not be cut before Christmas Eve.

*-Stirring Christmas pudding will bring you good luck, a wish, and if you are a female a husband within the year.

*-As many pies as your try at different homes will be the number of happy months to come. Cutting the pie you eat yourself however is bad luck.

*Superstitions about Christmas that bring good or bad luck.

*-The first person to open the door on Christmas will have good luck.

*-It’s unlucky to light a Yule Candle before super on Christmas. It’s also unlucky to buy your own Yule candle or to snuff it before Christmas Eve ends. It’s extremely bad luck to allow the candle to go out over night. A portion of the candle should be kept to light the following years candle for good luck.

*Miscellaneous Christmas Superstitions:

 *-Those born on Christmas will never see spirits, be hung or drown, and in general have good luck.

*-On Christmas morning the first person down the stairs must quickly open the front door and sweep trouble out the door.

*-A dog that howls on Christmas Eve will go mad.

*-No work must be done on Christmas.

*-The fire must not be stirred during Christmas.