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Ozzfest 2007

I went to Independent Records in Denver in May or June of 2007 to buy the then new Ozzy CD, “Black Rain.” Not his best, but a good album. Inside the “Back Rain” CDs at that time (including mine) was a code for 2 free tickets to Ozzfest 2007. In Denver, the concert was at

Clone – No

I would never raise a clone of my child. Children are irreplacable and a clone would just not be the same. I read that some people think they do only because they have twins, but if you really think about it they aren’t clones. The twins that they are raising are two totally different people

Food Donation Locations in Whittier California

When looking for locations to donate food in the Whittier, California area you should keep several things in mind. There are lots of organizations that provide food services to hungry poor in the area. They also assist the homeless.These types of services are usually run with the help of local government, charitable organizations or local

Positive Attitude Power of Attitude Power of Positive Attitude – Agree

There are, of course, many factors that come together in order to form a picture of a particular individual’s productivity level, but many people really do underestimate the importance of attitude when it comes to the big picture. We often write our very own self-fulfilling prophecies when it comes to our lives whether we realize

Time Management – Agree

Time Management You have three resources over which you have control that can enable you to attain whatever you desire out of life: Knowledge, Energy and Time. These are the big three: K.E.T. Unfortunately, the one of these success-factors which often gets the least attention is the mastery of your time. Too many of us

How to Build a better World through Health Education and Equality

Writers and filmmakers have long struggled to give us their vision of a perfect world. In many cases, these worlds exist with lives of luxury and ease, free from disease and strife. In 1516 CE, Sir Thomas More gave us the basis for Utopia in a discussion of the perfect state. But because we do

Discrimination against the Disabled

Discrimination is a very real problem that still exists in today’s society. There are many forms of discrimination and unfortunately, most of them are alive and well. One form of discrimination that occurs is rarely talked about openly. But it occurs probably just as often as gender or race discrimination. No one wants to admit

Idea of a Perfect World

Hellium article The perfect world What is the perfect world? I have asked myself this question so many times. Myself, I live a far from perfect existence so I can only dream of the perfect world. A perfect world would be one with no poverty, one with no violence, one with no lack of equality.

Surviving Widowhood

I started writing when I was 11. It was the only way that I could deal with my feelings. I always felt like I never belonged anywhere. I often wondered if I was born the wrong sex, the wrong race, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Just something wasn’t right. My teenage years

Raising a Clone of a Lost Child – No

As parents of course we all love our children and the idea of losing a child is probably just about the most unbearable thing that we can imagine. Nobody wants to outlive their children but the idea that a child can be replaced through a process such a cloning seems questionable at best. Most people

Chick Flicks and Porn

Pornography is an outlet that men have used to express and fuel their sexual desires. Romantic movies, or “chick-flicks” are outlets that women have used to fuel and express their romantic desires. People are quick to dismiss pornography and say that not only does it harm relationships, but that men should stop watching it. However,

A Perfect World

I am awoken by gunshots. I hear explosions in the night. We jerk awake waiting and waiting. A bomb can explode anytime, anywhere. We run for shelter and we dive for cover hoping for our life to last. Soldiers gone off to war know that it would end up as an empty battlefield. Why shall

Mid Life Women Mid Life Crises Aging Stay at Home Moms Womansage Fulfillment Desire

If there were ever a time for a woman to feel truly empowered during mid-life, now would be a pretty good one. In the past, women have not been afforded either the time or luxury to lament dreams unfulfilled, but today women are not only entertaining their own fantasies but succeeding in just about anything

Happy Productive People or not – Agree

Well. I wouldn’t see why not! producton should make us happy. Especially if it involves money. I think it also helps if we enjoy what is making the people productive in the first place. One has to feel good to be productive. Who doesn’t want to be happy? If one isn’t happy, they are bound

Is Creativity a Dying Art

A person who is creative is creative in everything they do. They are the first to see the value in things and predict what will happen next. Most people are not creative. You do not learn creativity. Being creative is a natural gift given to those who will use it well. A person who is

Essaays about Nature

The narrow road wound through the northeastern California country side on a lazy almost surreal day in the fall of the year. The day was gray, coloring everything in an opaque hue, almost like a dream state. At some point we would see an old picnic table leaning against a telephone poll where we would

Discrimination against People with Disabilities

Some people would like to believe that our world is a fair and just place. It never has been and l do feel that it never will be. When l was young l asked my father , if god made man equal “why is person in a wheel chair” and can not speak. My father

How to Avoid Retirement Boredom

Depending on one’s determination, interest, skills or hobbies, avoiding boredom during retirement can be easily done. Start a new job. Sadly, rising health care costs and other daily living expenses keep some from enjoying their retirement. These people are forced, because of these expenses, to remain in the workplace or struggle to survive. From the