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Travel Inspiration Africa Travel

Fooled by the facade, I assumed this worn fish and tackle store, stocked with live dungeness crab and pacific clams, would be run by surly local fisherman who never left the coast and were tired of over zealous tourists asking questions about the tide, the surf, the local fishing holes. Instead, the proprietor was a

Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Up For a Down Day I hear that some actors keep a sad thought or memory tucked away in the back of their mind to help them with scenes where they might need to cry. They think of these things – and they cry, and the audience thinks they are fantastic actors! Well, how about

Honesty is the best Policy how to get Ahead – Disagree

Should the truth be told? Honesty, I think that nobody wants to really know the truth. When that wife or girlfriend of yours ask you if these pants make her butt look big, an honest answer will only get you in trouble. Your butt looks as hot as the day I met you, is the

Personal Growth in Capitalism

Let me ask, what EXACTLY is wealth anyway? American capitalism views it as how deep your pockets are and how thriving your business is. Well…that’s a great mentality to have for a business mind but for personal growth, it doesn’t cut the mustard. There may just be something to the world economic hardships facing the

Positive Thinking

Staying positive is a choice, and it’s entirely up to each person whether they will make that choice or not. Sure there are a million reasons to be negative. We can complain about the economy, complain about our society, complain about gas prices, and grocery prices, and a million other things… or we can make

American Moral Values

When you look at our society it is easy to see which morals were taught to which people. When you look at the supposedly fun loving hippies and their kids, there is a clear and definitive lack of morals. It is this very counterculture that has allowed our country to fall into lapse. God has

Moral Issues and Basic Fundementals of Todays Society

I debated for some time over whether or not I should write this article, due to my sensitivity over today’s society, when it comes to basic ethics/morals. Sometimes I feel so saddened by our society’s inability to recognize our failures in these basic fundamentals that I believe this Country was based on by our Founding

Inherit Good and Bad Sin Imperfection – No

Needless to say, but true, when you inherit genetic makeup, it’s yours to keep. You can’t say I don’t like ,you can’t say, take it back. It’s yours, irregardless of whether it is good or bad. When you inherit something it means it has been given to you by someone else. Where or by whom

Five Benefits of being Honest – Agree

The saying, “Honesty is the best policy,” has been proven to be true; over and over again. It is more than an old cliche. It is just a good way to live your life. Being honest offers a number of benefits for us in our daily lives. Below I have listed five outstanding reasons to

Inner Peace Success

Lots of arguments can be provided on how one can reach success and stand out from the crowd. Eventually, the answer to that question rest on how one defines success. Is success being popular and appreciated by others, being wealthy, or reach a certain social status? The arguments over which definition of success is appropriate

Brain Mind Inspirationself Improvement Fortune Neuroscienc Good Ideaneurotransmitter Science

How to know when a moment of inspiration is a good idea? Whenever scientists are asked to make predictions on how long it’s going to take for an important research to be completed and applied, so the general public can enjoy the fruits of years of their intensive work, the answer is almost never a

The Natural Goodness of Manon the System of Rousseaus Thoughtare Humans Naturally Goodgenesi i – Yes

PEOPLE ARE INHERENTLY GOOD: One Thing upon which Secularist and Religionist Can Agree But Sometimes With Bad Results. A Ph. D. in French and American Revolutionary theory or in Biblical scholarship is unnecessary to muster the facts in support of the proposition that people are inherently good. It is even unnecessary to throw lots to

How to Relieve Boredom

BOREDOM: PERHAPS IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK When I think of boredom, I remember a Sally Forth comic I read; allow me to paraphrase. Sally is lugging a basket of dirty clothes through her messy living room and is looking a bit tired and disheveled. Her daughter is stretched out on the couch, and says


Sure, volunteering looks great both on papers and in real life. On your resume, you can always say that you volunteered for this and this place and obtained this and this skills. In real life, you can boast and say that you contributed for a greater cause. I’m not saying that those are bad reasons.

Tolerance Acceptance Living together how we Learn to Live with one another Judgmental

As a young man who grew up and currently lives one hour north of New York City, I’ve seen every walk of life you can possibly imagine. If there’s one thing I absolutely love about my region, it is the acceptance and tolerance people have for one another. Sure, New York has a bad wrap

Plan you Life or just let it Happen

Plans are worthless. Planning is essential. – Dwight D. Eisenhower, general and president (1890-1961) A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door. – Confucius, Chinese philosopher and religious leader (551-479 BC). By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.– Benjamin Franklin, (1706-1790) One of the founding fathers of

Behind the name Luke

GENDER: Luke is a male name. PRONUNCIATION: It is pronounced LOOK ETYMOLOGY: The origins of “Luke” can be found in both the Latin and Greek languages. It is a form of Lukeriya and Loukas. It can mean “from Lucania”, “light”, and “bringer of light”. ===ORIGIN & HISTORY===Lucania was a region in Italy around 5th century

Preconceived Notions Prejudging Opinion Trust yourself Discriminating Inconvenient Truth 9 11

A friend of mine and I were having a discussion the other day. It started out innocently enough, but he had to push his point. He was talking about a drive-in theater and it came up that I had never been to one. I guess he could tell that I had something against them and